Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mom's Christmas

Wahoo! lots goin' on here today...hold on to your seats...stick with me now, 'cause I've got lots to show you today!! Yup, that's my DH! With a capitol "D"...
It looks like the house exploded today! Lots all over the place..We were pulling things from every corner this morning, throwing things away...putting new things in place. See, the other day we acquired a few items from our church... We donated $20.00 and were allowed to pick out a few 'office items' from a store room at our church building. A large 5 drawer file cabinet, one large two drawer cabinet.. two three drawer cabinets, a 'book shelf' and a very heavy duty table top! See, soo many office items had been donated to our church and well... we were trying to do a bit of cleaning out. A Church thrift sale as it were...

So, while my hubby was constructing this work station for me I put together this little tree of charms that haven't sold this past year. Very sweet charms that kind of commemorate the metamorphosis that has been Bella Colle this year!
An 'inspired' little tree..the branches are an iridescent white.. this wee tree I picked up at Target for a dollar last year.
Ahhh..Rosie has found a new place in the new 'studio'... That's my little race car to the left of Rosie! It is a vintage Jaguar that I use when I race my boys on their track! lol..Yay!
This is a table I have set up for packing and correspondence. Can you see the 'swag' on the lamp? It's a waay cool find from the fab Whimsylove! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5082846 Nikki will custom make a swag to your specks! I just looove pink and green and well, I just love it! Nikki rocks by the way!
Lots more space now... a more peaceful place to create and 'be'
Well, here is the space now..after a huge whirlwind! I am soo thankful..Christmas has come early for me..for Mom. I hate to say, " A place for everything and everything in it's place"..Dorky I know. Hubby installed a large outlet where I can plug in multiple items on the work station..He is a dear! Oh yeah, just wanted to point out, The Ten Commandments are proudly displayed in this work place! If you are wondering, the letters are a throw back to when I home schooled all three sons.
Dream I say! I hope you all have a place where you can steal away and just 'Dream'!
So, here is the 'Studio's' Christmas tree... a humbling reminder of how much God has blessed me this year! Okay here is my post for the Bella Colle challenge... things have been in an upheaval today, lol, I've got some beading/wire wrap orders to fill ... so, here it is... My friend from church has a birthday soon and she requested awhile ago for simple bracelet that says "WWJD". She says she will pay me.. Nope! Heidi! Love ya!
Not a lot of fru fru..for a down to earth lovely young mom of three lively young boys! I know you probably can't tell, but it really sparkles! I used Swarovski crystals and silver..pearls and a pretty heart clasp...Happy Birthday Heidi!
Well, after 2 hours of trying to post this..( started at 7p.m.cst) I hope your week is good so far! love ya!..


FarmHouse Style said...

Love your new Studio. What a deal too!
Heidi's bracelet is just lovely:)

Have fun in your new space.


Sweet Remembrance said...

Looks great!
Perfect space to work in...

Ruthann said...

What a wonderful feeling it must be to get your creative space all in order and cozy to boot!
Great job! I love your sweet little tree with the charms too!
You blog is a joy!
May God bless you during this Christmas season!
Warm Pie, Happy Home

Nunnie's Attic said...

Your new studio/creative central is great, Christine! You got the deal of the century, that's for sure!

You know I love your charms!


Esther Sunday said...

Hey! Your studo area looks great! And for such a bargain! Isn't it great to have a workspace that you can just leave things laying around? I wish you many creative years in your space! Love, Esther

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Wow! You got all that storage for $20.00? What a deal. After Christmas I promise myself that my creative space will get all pretty and organized. I've some shelving still sitting in the boxes. Sigh...soon I hope.