Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow day...and an Anniversary...or Birthday...

Well...They did it....They finally called a snow day! It was terrible this morning! What better way to celebrate than with pancakes?!! It's gotten a little bit better, but not much. I so can not wait for Spring!

Well, it is an anniversary/Birthday of sorts this weekend...BellaColle turns one years old! Hurray! What better way to celebrate than to have a give away. All you hand full of fabulous folks who have faithfully read and responded to my blog and been so encouraging. You guys have kept me going in my quest to have this business...
Thank you!

I'm having a give away to commemorate this monumentous event! It's not much, just this little soldered Valentines charm. It's a little lumpy on the top... but it's sweet and just my little way to say 'Thank you' to you guys. Just leave your comment to be entered and we will have the drawing on Monday Morning...Everyone is welcome! Yay!!
It's Bella Colle's Birthday... Praise the Lord I've been able to stick with something...I haven't received the response I've wanted...but I have been blessed with the friends that I've needed! And that means more than any thing in this world! I give God the glory for it all and thank Him for you guys daily.

.....oh yeah...LOL...Kara wanted to see my 'inky' fingers! There ya go
***everyone who enters on the typepad blog will be entered too..********

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Akkk it is soo cold! Yes..Yes...I's cold all over! Wow! We are sittin' here tonight with a

-40 f wind chill. How cold is it where you are? We were teased with 4o degrees yesterday and now it is that BELOW ZERO. I can't say in the 7 years I've lived up here that it's been this cold.. and cold for soooooooo long.

Some one was usin' their noggin today and called school out early Yay!! I pray that they allow at least a two hour delay for school tomorrow. -40 for at least 8 hours..not alot of vehicles are going to be starting at 7 a.m.

Winter... the whiteness... all things for a time and a season.. The good Lord has a plan..I know it, but I pray for His mercy for us. I know there are people tonight cold... not just in my city, but others..that worries me! I know our church has given money to some folks already so they can pay their heat bills... What about the elderly? Those beautiful folks who can't get up that easy and turn the heat up..who won't because they are afraid of the insane bills that will follow..

How are you guys doin'? ... I am soo ready for Winter to calm abit..yes, even better to slip silently

I do have some 'warmth' today... My sweet Kara of sent me this lovely bracelet! I love the beads and tigerseye stones.... right dear? Anyway.. I love's warm..go visit the lovely Kara!! This amazing lady has created some lovely pieces!

It's time... time for Spring... well, I can't do anything about the weather.. maybe it's time for a manicure! LOL!

Can ya see it? It's OPI's 'ink'... no, I'm not goth... I'm just in a 'inky' kinda mood! lol! Well's cold.. dark... but I know it will be Spring soon... Hope folks are okay... gosh I wish I had a fire place!... XO
...#2 put it quiet well... "We are on Hoth , mom... (think...Star Wars)"

Monday, January 28, 2008

A little eye candy..

Howdy everyone! I'm busy busy.. I had a school function tonight and some orders to work on! (Yippee!!) But I wanted to share a really neat store/blog...I think it's like Anthropologie with an edge!! love, it! The site is amazing..

AAANNDD...They have a blog..both sites have incredible graphics! Eye candy I'm sure!! I have found my self just sittin' staring at the graphics...LOL....
I copied these photos from their catalog I just received! Probably wont be able to afford anything in there...but a girl can dream....
hope your week has started out grand!! XO

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A good day

Hope everyone is having a good day! I did... I was able to work a bit in my studio and actually had some I have quite a bit of glass shards that are pilling up and I've been trying to figure out what to do with them..I also had this little vile...I filled it with glitter and a few words.. it turned out really cute.

I pulled out my glass grinder and started shaping some of those shards into some usable shapes! Here is a heart..

And a tiny pear.. I have some more hearts and a larger pear and some rectangles.

I found this lovely picture of this 1940's beauty..she is in a 1" glass button...

This little guy with a paper hat..I added 'smile'

A good and productive day! If anyone one sees something they would like to purchase, don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me..or visit the store! I actually woke up this morning to my first sale since I switched the store to papashops! I'm in such a good mood..I think I will tie that little pear onto one of the goodies in the order!!

Ciao! For now....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winter Bella Paper Pocket

Well, I decided to pop on over and check out the wonderful projects Teresa Mcfayden has for the Winter Bella e-zine...fabulous stuff! Wed's project was this paper flower wall pocket...

Who knew you can sew paper! duh....where have I been..???

Here is the pocket, I needed to cut the paper a little time..

I added the silk flowers I have received past Valentines... some glitter and ribbon...

I love how the tag turned out! Very romantic!!

What do ya think? This little lovely is hanging on the door to my studio...Vintage inspiration..Thank you Teresa!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Velvety comfort

Well..I'm a bit disappointed with some things... the school superintendents for this county we live in for one thing... Our weather has been uncomfortable to say the least and other counties were allowed to have two hour delays to school starting.. Nope not our county!

The school district that we live in sooo rural! I would say over half the children live in the out lying areas where they plow...but don't salt..and it's very rough getting out in the morning.. okay..okay..enough belly aching! #3 started to cry this past morning when they had to go to school and others had a delay..It broke my heart! So...I dug out my can of red velvety goodness and made these cupcakes for the boys! Mom can't get Spring here any faster but, by George... I can add a little sweetness!

You guys near "Sprinkles" are sooo lucky! This fab place is 'to die for' I is the best we can do up here in the Artic tundra.
I found that Williams-Sonoma carries these mixes..sorry you guys didn't find my last post interesting... I'm tellin''s a awesome store. If I can get DH home long enough (he travels alot with our 'other' business ), he promised to go to one of their cooking classes with me.

Yup...#3 gave them his seal of approval.. there were red grins all around.

Have a fab Wed. evening...

***Okay.update... I want to ask for folks forgiveness who have visited my store and thought "oh my gosh, she's crazy! I'm not paying that for shipping..." I had relied on another web designers input and didn't realize the shipping costs were so out of wack!! Nobody will pay attention to your business like you... So again.. I hope you fabulous ones will go back and visit my store again.. again, my apologies!!! Shipping has been adjusted for now and I will go back in the A.M and work on it some more. gosh, I feel like such a fool! ****

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

They're at it again!

Well guys..They are at it again!! Who? You may be asking? Why Williams-Sonoma! I just love their season clearance sales!! You can find incredible deals in the stores and on line.

Yeah..I need to learn how to do the cool link thing...with just the name of the place...
Anyway.. These plates come in a set of 4, lovely blue or mustard yellowish trim and they have these vintage labels stamped on them.

These sets were originally 42.00 for 4..I scooped two sets up for 9.99 for 4! Wahoo!! Aaannnd I got a stainless pasta roller for 5.00!

Like I said, amazing clearance items and special online sales as well! Enjoy!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Be Mine

Oh yeah..It's snowin' AGAIN!!!!....more scheduled to arrive tonight..more tomorrow... what's a gal to do? I know it's probably not so bad for folks who grew up here... but COME ON!!!

So, I'm trying to stay busy.. lot's of creatin' going on.. I really need to go back and visit WinterBella Ezine! I know there are some fabulous creations to be made there.

Oh..this lovely..Be Mine it says on one side...Love on the other...1/2 inch beveled glass makes it sparkle! As I show you any charms...don't hesitate to holler that you want them... either post a comment or email me. I will list them in the store...hey...I'd love it if you just say 'howdy' too!'s Monday...the Packers's snowing... think I'll go eat some chocolate!LOL!
Hope everyone's week has started out well...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Valentine

Howdy! I was actually able to make some things today..Hey..when it's -20 wind chill outside..what else is a gal to do?LOL
I haven't been able to solder in awhile..but this wee 1/2 inch beveled charm didn't turn out half bad.

I have quite a bit of beveled pieces so there will be lots of lovelies on their way! I was just thinking, any one have a wedding coming up? What a sweet gift for the bride or bridesmaids?! I could make a custom design just for you with your special date in it.
Hope everyone is staying warm! Cuddle with your loved ones... eat some chocolate..oh yeah..and root for the Packers tomorrow! lol...(there Debbie, I plugged The Pack for ya)
Thanks so much for stopping in..

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Has anyone seen the White Witch??!! Lol... I do believe it's Narnia! Noooo it's my back yard! The children always joke when it snows like this..'We've stepped through the wardrobe MoM!'

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the view from now until oh...say April! And can you believe it? The children still had to go to school today! Nope... no snow days here... we recieved 6 inches last night... it has to be atleast a foot before they will even consider a late start!! lol!

On the upside... Spring is coming! There is a light at the end of this Looonnng tunnel called Winter. God's Word says there is a season for everything under the sun...a time to laugh..a time to cry... a time to hold on to and a time to let go.. It's been a week tomarrow since Bennie passed. I know I have to physically let her go..but I can hold on to her in my heart always. When those Shasta Daisies bloom this Summer..she will still be with will be okay.

There are always 'lights' in the bleekness... shining rays of warmth.. What is yours? Where do you find comfort?

Hmm...nothing says 'warmth' ...'Summer' to me like lemon! I love lemon bars... lemon Italian Ice... the closest thing I've found lately is this... Scrumptious!

So... here's to you guys! I'm sending a little 'lemony' goodness your way! Stay warm everyone! And you guys enjoying Summer now...I'm soo there in my dreams!! .... pass the sunscreen! lol.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a bit of therapy...

Well...I thought today I'd get out of the house, try and get my mind off things...As you can see my Amaryllis is blooming! The sun is shinning and it's a good day...

I thought I'd go to one of my antique shops for a bit of 'retail therapy' that bad? I would walk by something and Bennie would pop in my head.."oh, she had one of those.." But I had fun, found some good things for the store! The shabby sconces, rewired and ready for someones wall.

I just love silver! I found these 'loved' salt and pepper shakers.. we actually use some silver flatware everyday. I think it adds a beautiful touch to everyday life.

I thought this was interesting! A vintage wine bottle!! I don't know, maybe it's the color that caught my eye. I love faded turquoise!
Hope your week is going well..I picked up some more beveled glass so I will be making some 'Valentines' pieces. You gotta get back up on that horse, right?!