Friday, February 29, 2008


Well... it's time to say good-bye to White Corners... DH and I have been thinkin' real hard for a while now.. and as much as we love White Corners.. everything has a season and well... After a long hard Winter and only increased living expenses..and 7 long years later.. White Corners is on the market. It's our year of Jubilee!

Texas is where we are searching..searching for a new home... our 'other' business allows DH to travel quite frequently through this lovely state.. #1 son is very upset.. almost to unlivable with.. but I know we will be able to find a good home and a wonderful church family to become a part of. We thought of going back to my homeland of Georgia and well, because of the water shortages and all, it would be better some where else for now...

You wonderful ones who live in this beautiful state.. I am intrigued by your homeland... I would love to hear more about it!! What makes your state the best to live in? Hey, I would love to hear what anyone has to share about your special state! Hey, you know what... what makes your country special.. Kara?

I am hopeful this Spring.. I know this year will bring change and growth!! I just love this time of year.. a time of rebirth and hope. Lets try and embrace the newness!! What are your plans for this year?
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Affirmation Fairy

May I introduce to you my first ever 'Affirmation Fairy'. I have been searching for inspiration as some of you may know and while waiting to pick the children up from school yesterday I opened my March issue of 'Cloth Paper Scissors'. I found a piece in there really captivated me!! The artist's name is Kelly Rae Roberts and her wonderful story that went with her work really lifted my spirits.

This is the first time I have ever used a figure I have painted in a collage, I usually use vintage photos. I know she may look abit elementary..but I LIKE her! She has some affirmations that speak to my heart collaged on her dress..

I really enjoyed painting her actually... her blue eyes and heart shaped mouth... It took me some time to think of the affirmations.. rough week and all..DH is a bit me.. snow is still in the forecast... She really made me smile when it was all said and done..could we all use more 'Smiles'? Why not fashion your own?... This little one will help me lighten up!

I think I might have to make some sisters for her! Have a Happy Wed. everyone..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dreamin' of Spring

Oh I am soo dreamin' of Spring! And after the past few days I'm drained and feeling quite blah! In dire need of some inspiration. I doo want to thank everyone who sent your well wishes for us.. #3 is mending quite nicely and I'm still prayin' no one else gets this horrible bug that is going around.
Like I said, I'm needing some inspiration and pulled out some of my books. One fab book in particular that I refer back to often is Better Homes and Gardens 'Flea Market Decorating'. All these photos I found in the book.
What do you think of this amazing Majolica collection? I just love the colors and that's what we need here right about now!lol!

Look at this wonderful room.. Can you see the lovely needle point pillow? How about the vintage frames there on the mantel? Simple, accessible finds you can pick up for next to nothing..Aren't those flowers beautiful? I think they are Snap Dragons?

How about this amazing bath! I'm sure in need of some relaxation right about now!lol! Some lovely bath salts that sure would do the trick.. envisioning the wonderful blooms coming in the garden...AHHHHHH...

This little garden spot would be just right to curl up with a glass of sweet tea and a good book... I can't wait!

Lastly... I was digging through some of my older collages and thought I'd share this one again..."Let Love Take Flight" is what I call it. I was actually able when I first made it to shrink it down via computer and print off a copy I soldered with beautiful beveled glass and added a nice cluster of beads on a jump ring on the bottom... sold quickly at Assemblage.
Anyway... searching for inspiration here..I hope to find lots this week and I will try and share any goodness with you beautiful folks!
Happy Monday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

OOOh, my baby!

Ohmybaby  Hi everyone... My baby...#3 son was soo sick today we had to take him to the hospital...

He kept passing out... dehydrated...

I'm out of the loop... I will try and visit you lovely folks as soon as I can...

We are home..with meds.. I pray all will be well with my little man soon, he was such a trooper today!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vintage Diva

Anyone figure themselves a 'Vintage Diva'? Hands in the air?? Anyone? Well..I do.. I am the Queen of my 'Vintage' 107 year old castle!lol!!

If it's chippy and faded I love it! Used and loved..well all the more beautiful to me...

Yes...I am a 'Vintage Diva' I confess....LOL!! How about you?
I made these charms yesterday...I think they turned out fabulous. They are 1 inch beveled glass beauties.

Both charms will be going in the store. The cost will be $20... Anyone want to snag one of these now..don't hesitate to give a holler!! Email or leave a comment...

One of a kind Vintage loveliness...
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 18, 2008

First Easter Collage 2008

I know..I know..we just got done with Valentines Day! But I couldn't help myself.
Here is my first 2008 Easter collage.

Here is the side view. The little easel is made with an old fork, created by Whimsylove. You can find some in my store and through Whimsylove on Etsy.

Fun little girl..Don't you think the chocolate bunnies are the best? LOl!

She will be going in the store shortly... Is it snowing where you are at?! Gosh, I think we have had at least 11" of snow over the weekend... I keep telling myself..."Spring is coming..Spring is coming..." It is gonna come right?!!!LOL!!
Well, I'm working on making this piece into a soldered charm and a few other of my favorite collages I've done.. I'll keep ya post!
Have a Wonderful Monday!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well... it's taken me about half an hour to get this here...both blogs..soo not behavin' tonight.. Anywho.......I just wanted to share..Vintage Monkies!! I love SockMonkies!! We have a vintage one sayin' 'Hi' at the top of our steps... I want to share tonight Vintage Sock Monkey Tale... friends..

I found all these photos on A Vintage Sock Monkey Tale blog... Looks like this guy even appreciates the fun of these friends...

Hey..did you notice that this lovely monkey has ears that match her skirt?? Don't you love her sweater?!! Okay... vintage monkey goodness.. Want to find some fun friends... visit the link...
Fun monkey business tonight...
Okay... Spring will come right?!LOL!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Everyone

Happiest of Valentine's day to everyone!! A day to remind those folks in your life that you love them...Anyone have special plans? Romance is in the air... DH came home with a dozen roses..
Children came home from school today through the blizzard with a mountain of candy..All is well!lol!! is my Valentine to you! Hugs...
oh yeah!! It's my father's birthday today... yay! Happiest of Birthdays to you too Dad.
...Someone PLEEEAASSEE make the snow stop!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ellenay Designs Giveaway

Aren't these the coolest? They are soldered charms for your pets! Lori of Ellenay Designs has created these beauties...they are made with plexi-glass..

You know the coolest thing? Lori is having a give is the last day to visit and leave your comment..hurry! You don't want to pass this up!
Have a great day everyone...

Monday, February 11, 2008 goes nothin'

We did it..we bit the bullet and placed an ad for Bella Colle. Here is the copy I designed my self....Not saying I'm this fab web designer or anything, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!!
I'm really nervous placing the's not like we are made of money or anything so I'm just praying this will help people know we are here...I pray this ad will pay for it's self eventually! I know DH would greatly appreciate that!!LOL!
I want to enlist the help of the fab web designer Cathy from AvalonRose Web designs to spruce the store up I'm also taking steps to freshen the inventory too! Any requests?
As this year progresses I want to take steps in a more positive direction for Bella Colle and define what Bella C stands for. I have set some simple goals this week and gosh, it sure feels good to accomplish them!
Well, just wanted to share real quick..I hope to visit you guys in the A.M. I'll keep you posted on the add! I hope it will be a good thing!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Valentine for a friend

I was able to make this 'Valentine' on canvas for a sweet friend of mine today. It's not a huge canvas, it's only 4"inches by 5"inches.

Lots of glitter... and pink! Oh yeah!
The picture really isn't my friend and I, I found a vintage picture of some ladies from the '40s. I trimmed the edge with pink velvet ribbon and some vintage buttons. I love working on the tiny canvases but I just don't like the ugly staples on the side.

Do you guys do that? Give a close friend a Valentine, or do you reserve Valentine's day strictly for your Sweet Heart? I think it's nice to let dear friends know how much they mean to you. Life is too short and well..I'm tired of being in a shell so much 'cause of past hurts.
There is no law against Love... and well, I think we could all use more of it in our lives! It doesn't cost much to listen when folks speak... maybe even offer help even if it wasn't asked for... a kind note, a phone email! Yes, love goes a long way.
Think of this Valentine for you too my blog friends! I just love to hear from ya... and visiting your little slice of Blogland... hope your weekend is going well.
p.s. if you haven't voted..please let me know which blog you like! My Blogger blog..or My Typepad blog. Thank you!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Question?

Hi guys! I've been busy busy... Here is another crown I made.. I have this swap that I'm a part of..I've never been in a swap.. I'm trying to decide what to send.

I made the card that is in the back of the tags... the tags..and a soldered charm. It should be good, right? There were no real guide lines..just make it by hand, and it's Valentines.
I was wondering if I could get your guys help. I have two blogs, I really only need one..I only want one. I can't make my mind up to which one to get rid of, Blogger or Typepad?!
Blogger is the one I have had for eva' and met some fab folks through, but Typepad is so much easier to tweak how I like it... no need for learning ancient Blogger html code! LOL!
I try and visit folks as much as I can through kinda say "hey, here I am... " but then folks come here, which feels like home too! AGGGH! I'm in a quandry..a stump... a pit in the road. Lol!...
I have asked some folks for help and well...obviously they are too busy to answer. Tell me, which blog do you like the best? Blogger or Typepad?!
You can visit Typepad here,
PlllEEASSSE.... vote too!
Have a great weekend everyone..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Queen of Hearts!

I just wanted to post real quick tonight... I made this tiara/crown today and I just loove it! I call it my Queen of Hearts... I took the soldered heart off my party hat..I think it looks soo much better here, now..

I just received my copy of 'Crowns & Tiaras'. This is an inspiring and beautiful book! A must have for all.

I apologize that I didn't get the side..I will try and update with a side view later on...This book really has some lovely crowns! There are clear directions on how to create the lovelies..and inspirations on how to share them.
I'm part of a Valentine's swap with 'Free People'...Hmmm... ( Wonder if my partner would like this? )Don't I look fab! lol!! #1 caught me...
Happiest of Wed. everyone!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Valentines

Here are some more lovely Valentines..My friend Teresa from Assemblage Studio requested some lovelies...

This one I painted the red heart on the black paisley background, I love how the colors look simple yet fresh.

Here is the reverse side. I wish you guys could see how the beveled glass really makes these charms sparkle.

Oh won't you be mine!!lol!! This is a 'retro' inspired Valentine...Bright pinks and reds!

I added glitter to the reverse side.. Fabulous!
I really need to get on the ball for Valentines..I joined my frist ever swap! My Father's birthday is the 14th... and I agreed to donate a basket for #1's talent show raffle...akkk! I some inspiration badly...I don't even have a clue yet what I'm going to get DH.
Hmmmm... What about you guys? What are some of your Valentine inspirations?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Winners! Yay!

Yay!! Barbra from over at Allaboutthebuttons won my little give away! She makes the neatest things...go visit I know you will be glad you did. Please email my dear, I need your address to get this lovely to ya!

Well...I'm also a winner! I neever win anything.. and I won this lovely gift basket from ABitOfParis2U giveaway!
Yummy goodies indeed!! These cute little vases... bath salts..rose bath soap...

A beautiful journal...a copy of Feb. Romantic Homes...

Oh yeah... chocolate, chocolate..and a little bit more chocolate! yummmmmm
Both ladies are so sweet! And Thank you! Thank you to all who entered my little give away..
Yay!!! Nice way to add a little sunshine to this loooooong winter.
I'm off to sneak some of that chocolate! lol...nobody is looking! NOws my chance..