Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hi everybody! What a day!... I was able to make this lovely to keep up on my Bella Challenge...since I had technical difficulties this past week, this is my Friday "New" for the Challenge.

If you are just tuning in, I have challenged my self to create something new every weekday till Dec. 20th. I kinda like this..everyday my creative juices have been flowing..This charm is the tiniest! only 1/2 inch in width and length. 'Sparkly Frosty' behind a wee piece of beveled glass.
Smooth smooth sides! I just love how the colors of 'Frosty' accent his background. On the front of the charm I used a 'Christmas Toile' and added the words 'Merry Christmas'
A very festive little charm! The price is $13.00, since I'm still having trouble uploading to my store..(See below picture) If you like this little guy and would like to buy him, leave me a comment or email me at my address listed to the right in the picture frame.
Yes... I'm mad... I am amazed at how 'technical' our society has become. Is it a good thing? Hmmm... I guess I'm old school..computers are great but my goodness one thing can cause a huge SSLLLOOWWW down..The less 'fru fru' items I have on my less thing to worry about! I love upgrading don't get me wrong..I would love to have one of those 'Black berry' phones..a dishwasher...a computer with a faster processor...a dishwasher. Oh yeah,..did I mention I want a dishwasher?!LOL!
But the more up grades I get, I become dependant upon them and when they whole world turns upside down! Is that really an upgrade? Or more stress?...Hmmm....
So, my point.. My clothes washer! We have only owned this thing for 1 year and 4 months and it has died AGAIN!!! We bought this cow brand new from HomeDepot and this is the second time it is going to have to say 'hello' to the Sears repair guy! I want to pull my 9 year oldy but goody out of the barn right now...
We live out in the country and have our own well and problem on the water supply end, just on the drainage end. See, we have a holding tank and have to monitor our output. The oldy but goody was using waaay too much water so... "upgrade"
This General Electric washer uses half the water... spins at 1500rpm...the clothes come out almost dry! I can stick a queen size comforter in it and I know it's gonna come out clean...IF THE THING IS WORKING!
This is the second time now that it wont spin...and leaves way too much water! ACKKKK!!!
I hope Mr. Sear's Repair man can fix it with out going over his service fee... point to this is, This family is soooo buying from Sears to begin with! "Oh yes please! Can I have your extended warranty!!"
Sorry to complain...I'm just starring at this huge mountain of clothes now!! If you don't hear from me Monday..send reinforcements! LOl!


Esther Sunday said...

Oh, Darlin', I soooo understand your frustration! Love, Esther

FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, sorry about the washer:( I know what you mean about our technology dependancy. Last week our internet service provider went down for husband and I quite literally didn't know what to do with ourselves. It was like a part of us was missing....WOW! Did that ever send up red flags for me, time to cut back!

BTW your Frosty charm is lovely:)


Nunnie's Attic said...

I'd tell them I want a new one. Obviously there was a defect somewhere to begin with and you were the poor sap who got stuck with it. And I mean that with compassion! Put your foot down and demand a new one!

And Frosty is too cute!!


Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh I hate washer dilemmas!
Good luck...

JANET said...

Well, that's a charming Snowman! I can relate to the techy stuff and especially to appliances. We had our old manually controlled wall oven for 25 years but since have put in two more in less than 10 years. The problem? The digital sensors go out, and replacing them isn't a whole lot cheaper than just buying a new oven!
So I went on strike and got a countertop toaster-broiler-baking oven that has manual controls. I used it for months as well as the stove top, microwave and smoker-griller outdoors before getting a new wall oven before Christmas last year. We still use the countertop appliances as much as possible. Five years is too short a life for a major appliance!

katydiddy said...

Can I swipe the pouting girl picture? I love it. We had a front loading washer by Maytag-nothing but trouble. I loved the energy savings and the size, but I'm back to a top loader now. It was just too much trouble!