Thursday, December 13, 2007

Country Christmas

Getting closer and closer..Christmas.. Thought I'd show you around some. This is the wreath on my back door... Made it from goodies I found at Hobby Lobby.
This is actually right across the road from me.. This family owns quite a bit of land and their house is set waay off the road. This is how they mark their driveway! If you look closely you can see the house number on the side.
This is the other house on the road that is like ours.. What is the style? Greek Revival? American Farm House? Anyway, the porch on Miss Linda's house is always dressed for the Season!
This is another... Caught it on the fly! I love the garland. I think next year we will put some garland on ours..maybe even with twinkly white lights!
So, here is my new... I know you guys are getting board with this..hang in there with me, almost over.. something new each week day till the 20th! This is an Etsy store banner..
Hope your week has been going well..maybe even festive!


~love said...

very fun to see around at everyone's decorations for this special season! thanks for sharing!

Nunnie's Attic said...

I love the old truck. Just kinda screams old fashioned Christmas doesn't it?

And the banner is great. You're getting to be quite proficient in all of this digital mumbo-jumbo. I like the little accents on the pictures you're posting. And now you're talking about a digital scrapbook. WAY beyond my realm of comprehension.


FarmHouse Style said...

Your pictures look like a winter wonderland:)

I love your wreath and the old truck is precious!

Nice work on the banner:)


Esther Sunday said...

OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGG! That is my dream vehicle!!!! Truly! I would give anything for a pickup like that! It is soooo me. Is that family willing to adopt a forth something year old? Lovely neighborhood!