Saturday, December 15, 2007

European Inspiration

European style.. I know you have heard of it! What does it evoke in your mind? I remember traveling to the southern coast of France, Italy and Spain...There is soo much history in the buildings and the food.. As you see in this picture, the little ally has soo many textures and colors. According to Unlike formal Parisian drawing room style or dark Florentine or Madrileno design, Mediterranean design is carefree and casual, emphasizing the colors and textures found in the surrounding landscape.
I love the fact that there is a 'history' to the pieces used..Great Great Grandmas Armoir used with another inherited piece say a oriental rug... I love the textures.. and colors! (This is my hallway)
Color isn't sparse! Patterns are equally vibrant, we all know of Toile which actually translates to cloth in French...Which I have seen in almost every color of the rainbow.
This dinning room photo is from a home in Mas de la Vit in Lot, France. I love the transparency of the drapes! And the color is warm and sunny.
You see here an example of a more 'airy' approach to European design. This room was designed by Simone Dumont. The designer mixed period pieces and I think the room has the casual elegance I just love!
Here is a corner of my living room... The walls are the faintest of pinks and I used stencils around the top to add interest to the already beautiful textured walls! (Never mind the mic... and piano..LOL)
So, when I hear someone speak of European Inspired.. I think of the timelessness and beauty of loved furniture... beautiful linens.. and the eclectics of it all! I think it all boils down to using what you love! What inspires you?


(Photos courtesy of Country French decorating fall/winter..and my house..)


FarmHouse Style said...

I prefer the light and open Mediterranean style. It is very uplifting.

I love the stenciling around the window...very nice detail:)

Enjoy your Sunday.

KARA said...

hello princess, thanks for your gorgeous comments, oh i wish you were here too or me there.
I totally love this post, I think you house has such a french feel to the piccys I have seen, although I have never seen your hall and can I say yummy scrummy gorgeous.
I love home mags and interior design (actually what i had wanted to do as a career, I am one for mixing and matching styles, but I must say the european med has always been a favour of styles although I would never do it at home.
Great Post

Monica Yvette said...

Lovely photos. I'm not sure which style I prefer. I like airy and rich colors. Sigh, I can never make up my mind.

MondaythroughSunday said...

Beautiful...what beautiful taste!