Saturday, September 29, 2007

Autumn at White Corners

Well, its inevitable... Autumn is here at White Corner's. But that's okay 'cause God says everything has a season.. So, I up for embracing this time of change...I set about cleaning up the yard today...and adding a few 'touches'
Where we live is so rural! It's not uncommon to see these in peoples drive ways...we have learned the rhythm of this country side. You see these it's either plowing season to plant or plowing season to turn the earth under for winter...
I have to grin going by the fields now a days, it's like the farmers are playing in the fields! You will see singles rows harvested...and the silly farmers harvesting circles like this. Crops circles anyone?lol!

I was cleaning off my one patio table... the rusty and weathered one. I love the way these items just 'were' on my little rusty tray... signs of summer... sunshine, sea shells and baseball!
Yes, I was able to get some chores done. You know guys, this is a good time to get a jump on the weeds and fertilizing for spring. I didn't do this last year so we will see how it goes. I'll keep you posted!
We put to 'bed' some of our other lawn furniture. I'm sad, nothing is better than siting out on a warm summers evening under 'fairy' lights playing cards with the family and friends. year.
Yup, the play set gets it's awning taken down. Now is time to set out and plant your fall bulbs. I will be adding daffodils and some more tulips this year. Oh yeah, just another tip... plant what ever color tulips you want, but for some reason add the hearty red ones! A hint given to me by my 'master gardener' friend. She stated that red helps keep the other ones healthy, I have and each year they have come back just as lovely.
Well, lastly... as others have beautifully shown...mums add just the right 'fall' display...these are at the back door...I will be getting some for the front next week. Oh yeah, if you guys have the 'second season' pansies in your neighborhood...pick some up! Down south, they add 'winter color' all through the season! Here in the W I , they will last till the first good long frost and come back!! I can't wait!!
Have a great weekend everyone.
**(#1 took the picture of the corn and the tractor..nice eye I think ! =) )****

Friday, September 28, 2007

Nice Reads

Cutting through the Blog Smog

Eye Candy

Happy Friday everyone! I am working on a little project and was going through my collected issues of 'Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion'. I found these pages of eye candy!!lol! I have collected Home Companion since it started in 1997. Every issue was full of artists, 3 featured homes and delicious, I don't know what has happened to 'M.E' Mary's losing her touch! The pages seem to be full of ads... some artists and NO recipes... so sad.

To me, these pictures are my kinda world! I just love the colors, the vintage finds and worn/loved feel of it all.
Believe it or not, these are four distinct designers! The above picture is from a beautiful home in Canada... The artist who lives there LOOOVESS Paris! Her home has an old world feel! Tres chic!
This picture above comes from a home in Texas... This artist is holding up her gauzy curtains with thread spools!! So unique. I love incorporating unexpected items like this...
These last two are from the same artist...just different issues. Anyone see this spread? If you are a fan of Carol Hicks Bolton (like me) you can spot her magic touch anywhere!!lol!
To some of you, this may not be your style...that's of the things that is so much fun about interior design is the sheer diversity of tastes out there! Candy for your eyes!! To me, I love dark chocolate and gummy some candy corns and lemon drops are best...What is your eye candy?
Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is your lovely style and design?

Karla's house party is over... ... I'm sorry I missed it. I really must pay attention next time!lol! But, I thought it was such a lovely idea... I wanted to go on and share some of 'my favorite' parts of my house too! The above picture shows the sofa table. The top piece of artwork is the very first I ever purchase when my hubby and I first got married... The second piece is actually a quilted square made by my step mother. I think its soo nice..
Here is the view on part of the entertainment center. I have hardly ever have used dried flowers in my home design, but this accents the color way and adds just the right texture. The photo is of 'the cross' made up of some of the wreckage at Ground Zero..

Here is a larger view...Sorry about the glare, but the windows are really the best feature of the little living room. Four walls in the living room are painted a warm lite pink, I actually stenciled 'the tree of life' stencil around the top and wrote 'the Fruits of the Spirit' under neath the trees... I really am a fan of paint... You can add warmth and detail without the expense of wall paper. If you are like me and grow tired of your rooms easily, paint is a nice way to go.
This is the white wall in the living room accented with these two antique maps. One is of my beloved Georgia (where I am from) and the other is Eastern Pennsylvania (where my husband is from).
The sepia tones are nicely complimented with the cream colored mat board and I framed them with a simple black wooden frame.
Can you see the black touches in the living room? Interjecting a smidge of black is a simple way to add formality to a room. A very nice design trick.
Here is another favorite design look here at my home... the bathroom.. We painted the walls 'Dove gray' by Behr premium paints from HomeDepot.. (I just love that place!) I was going for a clean fresh look so I added the white trim and shelving with a few stencils.

Here is a closer look at the shelf. Do you have any old photos? They can add an unexpected yet nice surprise accessory . Here is the ceiling I painted in the bath... of a bright summer blue sky.. I love it, makes you feel you are outside.
I have some more favorite places to share but I will hold myself back and end this post with my bed... I just love it! I recently redid the bedding. The walls are painted a pink again, but this time I stenciled the blue flower boarder.
To make the headboard, I just nailed the chippy white shutters to the wall. Simple and Shabby... it's uneven... a whimsical note.. never take one self too seriously is what I say!!LOL..the boys and my hubby call me the "Queen of crooked" sometimes....
The room has a warm glow from the matching lamps. The shades of the lamps are a dove gray that matches the bed skirt. I have switched all our master bedroom bedding to white or an off white color, very clean and restful color scheme. The bases of the lamps add just enough sparkle to the space...
Well, hope I haven't board ya too much! That's a quick tour of The Castle..LOL!
So, what are your design ideas for your home? As you can see, I have added interest using paint through out, and simple accents like black accessories.. Any thoughts?
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Puppies,Road trip and more!!

Hi! Whew... we are back from our road trip today... if you click on the pic you can see where our destination was... Barron WI. That is the place of Jerland Farms, our Shelby's breeders. Miss Shelby has been there a week today... Uhm... visiting with Yari.... (wink..wink..)
The leaves are just starting to change here in the North West region of the state... not quite vibrant yet, but a beautiful chorus starting.
It was a bit over cast going up to Barron... but the country side is soo pretty!
Farther north we got, the more colors started popping!
Uh... the Queen at the wheel...LOL!!!

Yes, this...
Is gonna have some of these at Thanksgiving... Shelby looks pooped doesn't she?!LOL!
Yippeee! I got some good news today while drivin' ... Our house came in from this last appraisal exactly and then some more of what we needed to get the mortgage closed... and move on! AAANNNDD.... I've got some exciting news! ... it is taking everything I have NOT to share....
Mummms the word for now... but this will really lend a tiny bit of credibility to me as a owner... I have alot to offer, and this is truly an amazing thing that is coming!!!
Hope you all are having a great week!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank you Shabby!

Look what I just recieved from Shabby in the city! And this a bit ago.....
The 'Lifts me up ' and 'Schmooze' award.... "The Power of Schmooze Award is for bloggers who effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.." Aww... and then the "Lifts me up"... I don't see myself lifting anyone up... so, it means alot that you would think of me!! Thank you.
Hey, Miss Shabby is a bit ill... pray for her, she is dealing with a nasty 'brown recluse' spider bite! If you visit her blog today...she says she is on the mends...Hurray! But, continue to pray...

Now, I pass these awards on...late (as usual) to....

Back at you Phyllis !

To Kara,

and Laura

oh yes,... to 'LOve'

I would really love to give to all my friends who visit.!! Everyone of you deserve them... You all lift me up and make me smile! Thank you.

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Ahhh yes, this one maybe.....

Or even this one as my profile picture!
But, go figure... when I do what blogger says about uploading the pictures..You know create a post, copy and paste... It says it's saved...and yet nothing! Story of my life!!!
Yes, aren't I just gonna be the best web designer there is?!!!LOL!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spooky New

Ahhh yes! it's good to be Queen! Just call me the Queen of multi-tasking! LOL! New store, fall chores... creating and creating... that's my life... full.
Here are some new 'Spooky' charms I created today. I went to Assemblage yesterday, and Teresa requested some Halloween voila!

OOPs, #1 caught the Queen in action! LOL!
Well, where were we?... Oh yes, at Assemblage...I just love that place. I was dropping off some new items. Teresa informed me I had a sale! Yes, with in a couple of weeks of dropping this certain charm off it sold! The charm I am talking about is the 'mini double' I had listed a bit back on Etsy and a lady bought it... left neutral feedback about the quality...and sent it back. Well...I did a little jig right there when she told me! 'Oh yes, your double charms sold right away! bring me some more...' Yippee!!!!
Isn't the back ground paper soo cute? It is a collage sheet by Paperrelics! Hope Wallace is soo talented. Oh yes, heheh... this is my second circle charm. It's got a few bumps I need to smooth out but I think it is soo cute.
This mini button will definatly be going in the store!
Oh, here are some more mini buttons! On the back of the 'trick' it says 'treat' and on the back of the 'boo' it says 'spooky' Soooooo cute!
Oh yes, did I say I was multi tasking today? I can just hear you guys laughing...but yes! I am bound and determined to learn how to design web sites!!! Here is a book I am starting with... I was just saying to Laura of 'Necessity is the mother of invention' ... I soo need a better design for a store... I can't afford I figure start now and the sky is the limit... Hope you guys have a great weekend!