Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neato new!

Here are some new items I worked on this weekend. Well, the two collages are at Studio 213 this past Friday... I figure, get back on the horse... Hopefully folks will buy and not steal!
I have one similar in my etsy shop... this cute collage I used German glass glitter... I love the sparkle, but gosh you have to be careful, you are applying glass shards to your work and I think I got one stuck in my finger for a second or two....lol
These are waiting to be soldered. I spent Sat. cleaning my studio and not creating! "oops my bad..." but I can really make some things with out stuff distracting me now... a big breath of freash air that I needed! I did complete the items in these two photos which I'm happy about, they are just awaiting soldering...
I'm a little excited, I've never had to tape angles like this heart! so, let's say a little prayer... I'm just gonna have to do and stop lookin' at it.
Well, I've tried another stamp.. and a dice? how do you say ' one ' of those? I think the dice will look neat when I'm done. I just love the way these items look ,I just freeze when it comes to soldering..I don't want to ruin them... I'm not going to let some mishaps get me down..I've just got to buck up and get 'er done!lol!
See, I did do alittle bit of creating this weekend... not a total loss.
oh, by the way Bella Colle is almost on the web! wahoo!
here is a new email address for you, Christine@bellacolle.com
loveliness is coming!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Biggest Baby!

Can anyone say SH-E-L-BY?!! I just wanted to share the one member of our family that I haven't written much about. This one is like having a perpetual Two year old. AGGGHHH! Anyone who says these dogs are big and scary hasn't meet this one! Oh my goodness...
As I write this, she is at my feet.... waiting to be petted! The things she lives for is ; FOOD... Lovin'...more FOOD...playing... and more Lovin'! I was scared of her when we first got her. Shelby was three months old when we first got her, she was big even back then! We have had her for going on 4 years now and I have totally changed my perception of the German Shepherd breed. I tell ya' she thinks of herself as a lap dog and this big cow wants nothing more than to please us. She does have her quirks don't get me wrong, like having to have a ball toss so she will go potty! Aggh, when it's -30 I AM NOT THROWING A BALL! just go 'okay...She has to be entertained constantly or she will whine like a bird! Seriously! like a bird!
She is fun sometimes though... She will play ice hockey with you! here is a couple of pictures of #3 and her. You slide the ice and she will bat it back to you! Slide the ice again and she loves to scarf it up and eat it!
She even pounces like a cat! This piece #3 just slid to her, she jumped like a cat on it. So, my husband gave her the nick name "Shmelby cat". We have tried to breed her a couple of times but we didn't have all the paper work yet... Well, all of our ducks are in a row... Soo, she is supposed to go into heat at the end of the month.. Hurray! ( :( Yuck) and maybe we can have some puppies soon.... It is my husbands idea, so you know who is gonna have to deal with it! ME.. oh well..

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I've got some new works to share soon..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cavallini papers, typewriters and more!

Oh what a day! Lots of goodies were found today! I finally sucked it up and bought these Cavallini stamps! Oh they are sooo worth it, you guys should check out the link to the site...(over there to the right) fabulous Italian printed paper and cards,stamps and stuff! I love it.
I am able to get my Cavallini fix at Assemblage Studio...I found alot more there today as well. This vintage 'Mother' piece (no lookin' mother! ;P) and the dice(going to try and solder that baby) and lovely letters! I'm on a letter hunt, any neato letters I'm craving!!! lol
These are bigger ones, about 2" actually! I love the vintage look. (Sorry for the blurry picture, too much coffee!lol)
And this one... oh #3 just loves it! well for that matter, #1 loves it too! (#2 is on a trip with Dad)... It is so nice when something so simple as a $5.00 electric typewriter can bring so much joy! #3 says he is writing a book! I love it...I found this at the local thrift store today.
Well, a day of shopping isn't complete till we go to the mall... There are so many sales going on! I had to pace myself...lol... I did splurge on a few school clothes for the boys and this comfy outfit from Victoria's Secret! I couldn't wait to get home to put it on....pink, my favorite color. VS actually has some 'cupcake' clothing items there girls! Whimsylove and Kattydiddys, you guys should check them out! They look like the 'Pink' items 'cept they have glittery 'Cupcake' on them...I so thought of you ladies!
Well, that was my day of shopping! Whew!
I don't get to go shopping often, but the best part was just hangin' out with two of my boys... I went to my Studio 213 today as well... I will post about that later.
Take care everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bella beautiful

C O L L P1000808

Hey.. way cool! click on the title... alphabet soup! see what your name says... Thanks Whimsy!

Welcome to White Corners

Welcome to White Corners. What is that you might ask? I have named our house.... Well, there are those of you who followed our saga of major updating to our 107 year old house in June, which I say thank you. The planning and actual siding started going on well over a year and a 1/2 ago. I purposely picked green because everyone on our street has either; Tan, white, yellow, almond or gray. No one had a fresh green house! Even my hubby was into it and thought it was soo cool and original. Okay... I'm complaining... sorry.. I'm getting to my point.
No sooner had we returned the scaffolding and were basking in our 'new houses' glory than a new house was starting to go up on the other side of the river from us. It belongs to the son of the neighbor across the street. Okay, that's nice... new neighbors.. young family.. The neighbor in question actually came over while we were finishing up the siding and stated "Oh, I just love the color!" Oh this is so nice... folks really like our house... we are so original... HA! Guess what color it is?!!! you guessed it! Green with white trim.... My hope is dashed... lol!! My husband paused for a second or two but has since moved on...I told my friends at church and some understand, some don't... Please forgive me everyone but it's like showing up to prom in a dress you painstakingly searched for months for and your arch nemesis shows up in the exact one! AGGH!lol!!
Well, I will rise above the occasion... I will hold my head up high! We were green first!lol! At least they had the decency to NOT put the white corners on... so, the name! Hence from this day forward this land shall be called 'White Corners' ... and all the peasants shouted "Hurray!"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Happy Anniversary Lots of Love my dear!
17 years, Three beautiful children.... and one silly dog later I love you more than ever!.....Thank you..........

Monday, July 23, 2007

New stuff!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I had fun making some new items.
The clock is a scanned image of a clock face I found at Assemblage Studio, the other pictures are from the batch of pictures I just purchased! Isn't this one awesome! I think she is pretty with her big hair and all! This one is going to Studio 213. I might even make one for my own stylist, Annette (who is a magician by the way lol)

This is my first doodled mini button charm. I have the larger charm with the bathing beauties best friends in my etsy shop. This mini charm is going to Appleton.
This mini slide charm is in my etsy shop, I just love the way it turned out.
Here is the vintage clock charm... always 10 till 2! When the clocks are at this time, I always think it looks like they are smiling.

We had a great weekend! We found a new beach to go to here in WI... very tranquil. We celebrated the baptism of a young lady from our church there, it was such a beautiful place and the kids enjoyed swimming the rest of the day. (Check out my new flickr badge :)! )

Check ya later!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Winkin, Blinkin and Nod

Aren't the little puppies the cutest! Oh my goodness, I found the coolest deal on ebay. I was able to purchase neat vintage photos like this one, 200 to be exact for $9.00! That included shipping.
I digitally added the names and colored a few things in the photo. This is my 4th mini canvas. It's almost 3"x4".
As you can see I trimmed the piece with black and white ribbon. I sealed it with some UV protectant varnish. It took me a while to make this and with all the elements I added I would like to charge $14.00. What do you think? I'm still trying to figure out what to charge for pieces.

Well, I'm off to play with my new find! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Snowballs in Summer

My Hydrangeas are in full bloom I must say! Don't you think these gorgeous flowers look like big snowballs? I do. I've never been able to get the pink or blue ones to grow well. Now that our house is green and white, these match.LOL!
I was having my quiet time this morning and was just admiring them out my kitchen window. I want to find some way to dry these beauties and put them on my Christmas tree this winter! I've never had much luck drying them. Either they turn brown and rot or the little petals shrivel up. I've only been able to dry one bunch. Any suggestions?
So, we get to enjoy these lovely snowballs all over our house for now! These lovelies are sitting next to my computer...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I did it!

Wahoo! I figured it out! what do you think?... It's my first one. My very own banner I designed for my store! Now that I know what I'm doing... I'm so excited to make some more I'll keep practising till I get it right! hurray!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tiny Canvas

OOOh Princess cupcake is here! Well, almost... I have just a little bit more to do to her and she'll be finished. That is glitter on the name and then down at the bottom of the picture. Laura, the mastermind behind Katydid designs... www.katydid-designs.com inspired me to use tiny canvases! This canvas is almost 3"x5"! I have never used canvas before, I like it! now, I can offer collages on that medium as well as the charms and watercolor paper. I love trying something new!

Here is my second one! yes, I need to add the 'BellaColle' touches...of course! lol! The caption by the ladies says "Where are you planted" Hmmm..Where are your roots planted? I think these tiny delights turned out cute. What do you think?

Hope Everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Homes

Hello, happy Friday! yes... It's only by His mercies I have made it through this week! If it's not one thing it's another... something breaks...some computer glitch... no sales... no buddies...sick relatives...sick friends. Boy, I'm glad it's Friday!
I do have to say "Thank You" to my friend Whimsylove http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5082846 , Please forgive yet another thing I'm lacking! can't figure out how to make the nice little word linky.... Well, thank you to my friend. I had a problem with one of my charms, a stamp charm which a customer bought and it melted...a horrible event! And Whimsylove patiently listened...and sent me a French stamp to replace the one that melted and then some! So girl, Merci!

Here are some charms that I have now at Assemblage Studio in De Pere... you may say 'oh, I've seen these in her etsy shop' Yes... I feel I need to turn the love back to these places. Specially Assemblage... Teresa was so happy to see me and my charms! Trying to lurk on forums... post a new creation everyday is really taking its toll on my soul. Etsy is neat, I will keep an eye on my shop, but I'm emotionally exhausted...

Here are the charms that have found new homes today at Studio 213. Something else to go wrong.... I get there today and found out during an art show earlier in the week someone stole a larger tile collage I had for sale there! The shop owner was just devastated of course and is now moving me and another lady who had a piece stolen up closer to the front...

I do have to share that I have learned to solder rocks! I think this neat red stone..forgive..don't know the name.. turned out very pretty!
I think this little lovely looks like a red pear!
So, if anyone reads this... God bless!
The Lord is my light and my salvation..... Have a great weekend!

I'm Sorry!

I'm sorry! Please forgive and come back!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Berrylicious and ugly cards

Ohh, after reading on http://messythrillinglife.blogspot.com/ Brin's blackberries looked so good I thought I'd better pay attention to my own berry patch. In past years we haven't gotten much just because the bushes were realtively young... but wow! We were on vacation last July so we missed any that came. I think next year I might even venture to make some jam. Red loveliness! jucy and sweet. I can just see them on my cereal tomarrow.lol!
Anyone have recipes for the ruby jewels?
Well, I'm not sayin' these are ugly...check out whimsy-girl! she's havin' a contest for folks to add alittle something to these cards! check it out... it's always fun at Whimsyloves! http://www.whimsy-girl.blogspot.com/