Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Neato new!

Here are some new items I worked on this weekend. Well, the two collages are at Studio 213 this past Friday... I figure, get back on the horse... Hopefully folks will buy and not steal!
I have one similar in my etsy shop... this cute collage I used German glass glitter... I love the sparkle, but gosh you have to be careful, you are applying glass shards to your work and I think I got one stuck in my finger for a second or two....lol
These are waiting to be soldered. I spent Sat. cleaning my studio and not creating! "oops my bad..." but I can really make some things with out stuff distracting me now... a big breath of freash air that I needed! I did complete the items in these two photos which I'm happy about, they are just awaiting soldering...
I'm a little excited, I've never had to tape angles like this heart! so, let's say a little prayer... I'm just gonna have to do and stop lookin' at it.
Well, I've tried another stamp.. and a dice? how do you say ' one ' of those? I think the dice will look neat when I'm done. I just love the way these items look ,I just freeze when it comes to soldering..I don't want to ruin them... I'm not going to let some mishaps get me down..I've just got to buck up and get 'er done!lol!
See, I did do alittle bit of creating this weekend... not a total loss.
oh, by the way Bella Colle is almost on the web! wahoo!
here is a new email address for you, Christine@bellacolle.com
loveliness is coming!


Janice said...

I love your collages! And I bet it feels oh so good to have a clean studio. I'm jealous! lol

Jussara said...

Beautiful collages!

KARA said...

gorgeous work Christine.
Love them.
The queen elizabeth stamp is so cute

yours truly said...

Really fabulous collages! I love them! How sweet.

katydiddy said...

I'm so scared of German glass glitter, but I use it anyway! I just wear safety glasses until I wash my hands off. I'm always afraid I'm going to get some on my hand and then rub my eyes or something. One of my crazier quirks I guess! Love the heart shapes!

Anonymous said...

As always you creation are lovely, no need to freeze,
a steady hand and not being afraid will get it done.
Can't wait for your web-site.

bellacolle said...

Thanks everyone! I was able to get them soldered today! I will have pictures tomarrow! That heart took me for eva'! Definatly NOT for the faint of 'heart' get it 'heart' LOL!!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see the heart shapes soldered!
Someday I'll get German glitter--it's so be-yoo-tiful!
That die (is that right?) looks interesting. Fun stuff as usual!