Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First Heart!

Well, here is my first heart! I can't believe I was able to do it! It wasn't looking good, the solder wasn't flowing and it looked like one gloppy mess!
I was getting pretty frustrated and was about to throw everything out the window! Seriously! but, I said a prayer and look! It turned out sooo pretty!
I just thank the Lord! This piece will probably be going to Assemblage studio or I might give this to my hubby for his birthday. Folks on etsy don't seem to appreciate these larger pieces...

Well, here is my stamp...hasn't leaked yet or melted! but look... no matter what I do, I can't get the corners nice and smooth! AGGH!
Oh, had to put this on the back of the Queen...
You might have seen this lady before, she is on my Genius charm and Deary charm in my etsy shop. The picture was pretty thick so the varnish didn't seal right... it looks like she is wet?no? The top around the jump ring is kind of rough, I need to go back over it.
Well, here is the die? looks kinda funny... might look cute on a bracelet.
Sorry for the blurry photo... I might be listing this on etsy. What do you think?
Well, I'm off to take #1 ,#3 and some of #1 friends to the movies! Wish me luck... hormonal teenagers aren't my specialty! LOL!!!
Have a great day!


katydiddy said...

I buy handmade because I love the imperfections. It means something was made with love. These charms (& the soldering job) are lovely!

Cosmic said...

I have to agree with katydiddy,
when something is handmade, somebody took a lot of thought and love to create it, and that is priceless.

bellacolle said...

Thanks guys! That is why I buy alot of handcrafted items too. Some people are looking for perfection and this gal, I just don't think is gonna get it... But, I just love to see things like the heart work out and it gets me pupped up for the next obstacle!

KeelyB said...

Thanks for the compliment on my wire wrapping...Ive been messing around with wrapping things in wire for about 8 you know, experience definitely helps : )

Youre so brave to try soldering! That is something I stay away from cause I KNOW I would get SO frustrated trying to do it. Yours looks great though! Keep up the good work!

bellacolle said...

oh... thank you keelyb!
I meant 'Pumped'! I hate when my fingers don't work as fast as my brain!! when I conquer something I get pumped!wahoo!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

The heart looks great!!
And the die would look really cool on a charm bracelet!

Janice said...

The heart is gorgeous! And I like the corners. Gives it character!

KARA said...

I love them all I think they are amazing work, I love the heart that is so shabby chic, but the stamp is still a fav.


P.S. lookey at my blog to see the pretty award you have won

Charming Sam said...

The heart is really beautiful! And I agree with the other commenters about buying something handmade. It is special and unique because of the little imperfections.