Friday, July 27, 2007

Cavallini papers, typewriters and more!

Oh what a day! Lots of goodies were found today! I finally sucked it up and bought these Cavallini stamps! Oh they are sooo worth it, you guys should check out the link to the site...(over there to the right) fabulous Italian printed paper and cards,stamps and stuff! I love it.
I am able to get my Cavallini fix at Assemblage Studio...I found alot more there today as well. This vintage 'Mother' piece (no lookin' mother! ;P) and the dice(going to try and solder that baby) and lovely letters! I'm on a letter hunt, any neato letters I'm craving!!! lol
These are bigger ones, about 2" actually! I love the vintage look. (Sorry for the blurry picture, too much coffee!lol)
And this one... oh #3 just loves it! well for that matter, #1 loves it too! (#2 is on a trip with Dad)... It is so nice when something so simple as a $5.00 electric typewriter can bring so much joy! #3 says he is writing a book! I love it...I found this at the local thrift store today.
Well, a day of shopping isn't complete till we go to the mall... There are so many sales going on! I had to pace I did splurge on a few school clothes for the boys and this comfy outfit from Victoria's Secret! I couldn't wait to get home to put it, my favorite color. VS actually has some 'cupcake' clothing items there girls! Whimsylove and Kattydiddys, you guys should check them out! They look like the 'Pink' items 'cept they have glittery 'Cupcake' on them...I so thought of you ladies!
Well, that was my day of shopping! Whew!
I don't get to go shopping often, but the best part was just hangin' out with two of my boys... I went to my Studio 213 today as well... I will post about that later.
Take care everyone!


Monica Yvette said...

Ah, the clacking of typewriter keys and the feel of new cotton from Victoria's Secret. Good stuff, savy shopper.

bellacolle said...

Oh monica yvette! you know it girl. Thanks lady!

Anonymous said...

Gee.. pink???
my favorite color, but I was there first ;) love the picture of #3, he looks so content, and who would not splurge at the mall, must be bad genes.

bellacolle said...

Bad genes? no!

KARA said...

wow sounds like a fab exciting day christine. Oh I love elec typewriters they were the greatest toy I had when I was a kid.
P.S. posted about charm on my blog, thanks sooooooooo much x x

Janice said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day! I love the little letters. :o)

bellacolle said...

Thanks Kara and Janice! I don't get to go shopping often... it was a great day with my boys most of all!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I will have to run to VS--cupcake pj's?? I'm there!
The typewriter is an awesome thing! I remember some of my first handmade cards were made with typewriter words I cut out after typing. Clickety-clack! Clickety-clack! Love it!!

katydiddy said...

I know about the cupcake stuff! Thanks for reminding me! I'm going to order some stuff today. I love VS for my at home, comfy stuff. It looks cute but it feels like I'm wearing PJs.