Monday, July 2, 2007

Hear ye ! Hear ye!

#1 Step right up here... The Great Bella Colle give away is here! I have these three awesome vintage pictures here I want you to vote on. Once there is a winning picture the next step is (hang in there with me)


To give me your best shot! Let me have your catch phrase for the photo AND the color scheme. (in the photo below... the little girl with the big bow is what caught my eye) I love all three photos, each one could say volumes!

The lucky winner gets THE ORIGINAL collage matted AND a soldered art charm..
So, lets have fun and let me know what you think!
We will start tonight, post here your pick for the winning photo ... the winning photo will be revealed Thursday July 5th. Thanks for playing everyone!

oh, click on the photo itself an you will get a link to see them better!


Allyson Rainer said...

wow! bella colle, what a great idea. i vote for the third pic too. that bow is too good to resist. the caption would go like this, "Say Cheese" and the colors would be green and yellow...did i do it right?


bellacolle said...

yes allyson! perfect!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!!!
But I like the first one, they seem to be having fun, the one with the little girl reminds me to much of the times we had after the war 1945, and it still was like that in the 50's, plus I think they look sad. The first one, they are out having fun and drinking a COLA, 4th of July in the park, but that's me, I'm old fashion. Any thing you make will be nice !!!!!!! Have fun

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I like the second one.. looks like she's holding up old aunt Bea after she had a bit too much of the cooking sherry.

bellacolle said...

Thank you ladies! so...we have 1 vote for each one! keep 'em coming, this is fun!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I think the 3rd one is funny. And I can only think of something like: "good times..." They look so awful sad that it is kinda funny! Of cours I'd highlight the girls bow & dress in pink & maybe pick up some greens highlighted elsewhere in the picture!

katydiddy said...

Wow! You're making work for it! I like #2. Something about unrequited love-see the guy looking at the women? Red & turquoise (sp?) is big right now & really goes with vintage b&w.

nuemj88 said...

I like the first one. I think the little girl looking down makes it the best. I think the colors should be blues and greens or one or the other. The caption for me would be "What shoes?"

I think that was right.

knittergirl said...

I love old vintage photos.
Number 3 is for me.

bellacolle said...

Oh yah, this is fun... keep 'em coming!

Pink Quartz Minerals said...

Caption: "We're late for church.. I knew I shouldn't have married siamese twins!"

Color scheme yellow and blue

reindeergirl said...

#2 is definitely my favorite! :) I love the expression on the women's faces, and the little bobby socks on the older lady! I just think it is the most joyful of the three... :)

KARA said...

oh fab idea. Number 2 is my fav

It says to me

oh my god that stinks did you have to do that, (the other lady replies) look you just smile sweetly this will take less than a minute then you can walk off.


KARA said...

oh sorry forgot colours, pinks my fav so anything with that


jeanetta said...

i pick #2
and i think the caption should be "we'll help hold each other up and folks will never know we have been drinking" lol or something like that. hmm color wise..... i love green and orange but anything you feel loks cool.

Monica Yvette said...

Yay! This was fun. My choice is #3. The saying would be : "Sullen Sunday on the Stoop, Oh, if Their Secrets You Only Knew." The color scheme would be baby blue house siding, rosy cheeks, lips, and hair bow, tea stain ladies frocks.

Geri said...

Love #2!!!
It says"oh Mother!!! Is'nt he wonderful!!!"

(i'm in a mood today,heehee)

I think pinks and greens would be heavenly with it or all black and white.

Great Blog BTW

bellacolle said...

Thank you so much ladies! few more hours and the winning photo will be revealed! Anymore votes?!!!