Friday, November 9, 2007


Bonjour mes amis!'s amazing what a good night sleep and a little sunshine can do for a person! These flowers I caught this morning while waiting to take the boys to school, the light was just right...a welcome sight after many overcast days.

I actually had time this morning to create some more charms for the store. Each one has a French saying on the back...The joyeaux Noel turned out to be my favorite, it has Red Toile on the back!
The morning sun really is shining here! It makes picture taking soo much easier!lol!
I think Teresa will like these two lovelies at Assemblage, the one on the right has pretty beveled glass on the front.
See, this is the back of the Noel one... very festive.
Well, I'm off! I have a busy day...#3 actually has his first choir concert in a few hours at school..It's a Veteran's day celebration there. Always fun to see the little guys sing!
As always, if you ever see anything you lOOOOVe and just can't live with out..hehe...just let me know and I can send ya a Paypal invoice!
You beautiful ones, Have a great day!!


Nunnie's Attic said...

Do you make any that say Buon Natale?


Joy for the Journey said...

Gorgeous, as usual!!!

Sweet Remembrance said...

The photo of your flowers is beautiful...
And the charms are fabulous!
I love them all...

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Very nice indeedy! Love the red toile.
I read on down...bon anniversaire! Your husband looks very sweet.
How did the boys do in choir?

cityfarmer said...

Wouldn't a tiny table top tree be adorable done in all those charms...a little theme tree sparkling with french words.....

Esther Sunday said...

Hello Ms. Bella! Thank you for coming to see me at Esther Sunday! Nice to meet you!. What a lovely "home" you have over here! And the charms! You are indeed another talented critter. Adding ya to my lists to so I can check back in... Have a wonderful day! Esther

FarmHouse Style said...

Hello, there! It was so nice to have a visit from you yesterday. I have been wandering around your site. I love your little charms. I think CityFarmer is right, they would be lovely on a table top tree:)


Monica Yvette said...

Great photos and charms! Love the textures and muted colors.