Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Veterans Day!

Hey! Happy Veteran's day to ya! I just wanted to say 'Thank you' to all the Veteran's that came before me... My Father...A Step Grandfather...A Father-in-Law... An Uncle... A Cousin... Your sacrifice and duty to our country has not gone un noticed!
I just love our Country! With all that is going on right now...there are still glimmers of the 'One Nation, Under God...' A free Nation, where my family and I can get up tomorrow and go to our place of worship unhindered... without fear... Where I know that my children can go to bed tonight and not be afraid that someone is going to break down the doors and take family members away...A free vote.. A free life...

This is a picture of 'The Flag'...'Colors' posted during the Veteran's day program at the Elementary school this past Friday. My father called right before I was about to walk in..."Huh, they need to have alittle bit of that down here in GA.' He said...That is pretty sad that there are communities out there that don't do anything to say 'Thank you' to those Vet's who have served faithfully this country of ours out of fear..of being politically incorrect!
As one Veteran stated during that little program.."It's because of great men like these..(motioning to the Purple heart recipients) that we can stand here and not be in fear that a bomb is going to come through the ceiling.." Both men and woman have served this country valiantly... going into harms way to 'Protect and defend The Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic"... Last time I looked, there isn't a draft... Those that are serving now are doing it out of their own free will.

I do have to put my two cents in... I was in the military from 1987 to 1992...I was a medic actually..a Hospital Corpsman... please read the poem...Dont' go away just yet...... So... there are soldiers out there tonight praying... why not pray for them! Pray for our Nation.. pray for peace... Pray for God's mercy on us...
Thank you Active duty personal! Thank you to those families who have loved ones serving!! And yes...God bless is the poem........
' I am a navy corpsman. I possess the stamina and enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom and experience of an old man.
I am 3 parts doctor, 1 part nurse, 2 parts marine, 1 part yeoman and 3 parts mom, yet I am 100% sailor.
I am unemployable to the civilian world in my given profession yet have been the very life line for countless marines, soldiers and sailors since 1778.
I have carried marines from the battle field ... and have ben carried reverently myself by marines who mourned my passing like that of a brother or sister.
I am young. I am old. brave, scared and scarred. my title has changed over the years: loblolly boy, surgeons stewart, pharmacist mate, hospital corpsman, IDC, yet with all the changes I am still simply know as "doc".
I have celebrated peace; yet felt the sting of war on the seas, in jungles, in foreign cities, in Washington D.C. and on beaches of every shade of sand... white, tan, coral and black.
I have raised hell on liberty; hope in the midst of battle .... and Old Glory on Iwo Jima.
I have removed appendixes on submarines and limbs in the midst of battle and many other procedures far above and beyond what I am expected to do by the normal practice of medicine because it had to be done in order to save the life of a marine or sailor in battle or under the ice, far from a doctors care.
I have ignored my own wounds to the point of death in order to stay at my station treating the wounded of my nations navy, marine corp, army and air force.
I have the highest number of medal of honors of any corp in the Navy .....most of them presented to my wife, child or mother because I was already in heaven at the time.
I am proud to know in my heart that every marine who has ever fought and every sailor who has gone to sea on ships owe their very lives to those they simply, yet respectfully know as "doc" '
Web site: © 1994-2005 David Merchant Poem: © 2003 by Mark A. Wright HMC(SS), USN ( Updated 26 May 2005


Kari & Kijsa said...

You are wonderful....we mean we knew we thought you were special, but now we know without a doubt! What a blessing your post is today!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh Christine, that gave me goosebumps. You are absolutely right! There's no national parade that I know of. The kids have tomorrow off, and I will make sure they know why!


Barbra said...

To your entire post...amen! Beautiful sentiment that more people should read,understand and live every day.