Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's supposed to be Beautiful now....

In October's issue of House Beautiful They published a poll they had conducted last June. Has anyone seen the results? save time and not bore you to death I wont post every result, but I thought I'd share some of the results I found surprising. Here is what some are saying is "Beautiful Now"
First Question..................Which chocolate dessert would you reach for first?* Chocolate Ice Cream---10% *Chocolate Souffle---19%*A fudge Brownie---24% ***The Winner Layer cake with thick chocolate icing---26%...who knew? lol I'm lovin' that!!

Question: What would you want most in your fantasy kitchen? *a pot filler----5%*Two dishwashers----8%*A wine cooler---12%*a glass door restaurant refrigerator----19%* The winner, a big stainless professional stove------56%...(Honey, give me just one dishwasher and I'd be in heaven!LOL!)
Question: My favorite living room color is...*red---7%*blues/lavender---9%*yellow---10%*green---11%*white/beige/cream---28%* The winner, chocolate and earth tones---35%. Blues and lavender won for the most favorite bedroom color at 33%! (Mine is dove gray and muted pinks and whites, I guess I don't get a cigar there either!)
Question: The best shape for a dinning table is...*square---6%*oval---22%*round---33%* the winner, rectangular---39%. (Well, I did get that one only because it fits into our eating area the best.)
Question: The dreamiest bed is...*a brass or iron bed---7%*a big low platform bed---9%* a canopy bed with lots of fabric---15%* a sleigh bed---18%* a four poster---22% The winner, an upholstered headboard. ( aww..I lose again...I have such bad allergies that all that cloth would make it impossible for me to sleep! Achoo!)

Question: My favorite decorating style is...*romantic---6%*traditional---8%* modern---8%* cottage---17%* the winner, traditional with a twist---61%

Could it be that I'm out of 'style'?! NOT! Hey...My point to this whole post is that don't be one to follow every fad...styles come and go... I can remember when having a brass bed was all the rage! In style colors come and go too... the colors of your rooms should speak to you and you alone! Don't be a slave to 'Home Fashion'...Surround yourself with the people and the things you love and THAT is what makes a beautiful home!
Just a thought for this Wed..
Hugs to you!
(Photos courtesy of Jcpenny and Housebeautiful...thanks)
****I forgot...I am thankful and blessed today because, I have heat in my home when it's soo cold outside! My church has no heat... and some good friends...pray for them...*********


Sweet Remembrance said...

I am off on most of the poll!
I tend to be the odd one out...

Nunnie's Attic said...

Christine - is it possible this post didn't show all day? I check blogs on and off all day long. How did I miss this??

Anywhoop - I would have picked a brownie. I'm with them on the stove thing. I cook so much I just simply need more burners! I'm a red/blue girl for my LR. I like round DR tables unless I have an army for dinner. I'd love an upholstered head board but I never thought about the allergies. AAACHOO! And I love homespun country. So I guess I'm not a fad kind of girl either. GOOD!


KARA said...

oh thanks fo sharing, I have got an insight to the world of American decor, I defo don't win with all those results. But I agree with you personal style is much more important, I like to think I am more stylish than the crowd.

Kari & Kijsa said...

You are the best...those pictures are over-the-top....that ceiling in the dining room....LOVE IT! One of our clients is using a plank ceiling and it is so yummy!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari and kijsa

BellaColle said...

Priscilla, we aren't odd...we are unique! No better way to be!
Thank guys...