Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Wishes

I know it's the day after...but I wanted to make sure we wished you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! I pray it was festive and filled with love and good food!
Some families have turkey...some have ham... some eat lots of pie and goodies...some go out to eat and let others do all the cookin'...But no matter how you celebrate it... I hope it was filled with Thankfulness for all of God's provision and mercy and His blessings!

Here are some of my 'turkey'...LOL... As I was making pies...I wasn't paying attention to them, just listening and responding to what they were saying..not looking up because I wanted to keep my place in the recipe I was trying to follow...I glanced up and this is what I saw! I just had to laugh!! Both of them are dressed exactly alike and had the same little grin on their faces... I am soo thankful for my guys!! They really know how to make mom smile!
Well, here is our table.. all dressed up... you probably can't see it, but the little specks are shiny confetti in the shapes of turkey and leaves. What makes it special, is not the fluff..but the fact we are all together and healthy! There are those in our immediate family who aren't that fortunate this Thanksgiving... I lift up a special prayer for you tonight!
Yes, my DH! He is the best! We didn't know if he was going to be able to make it home yesterday...but he did! It wouldn't have been Thanksgiving without him... We have not missed one Thanksgiving in all of our years being married except one and that was when he was in the Army...
The aftermath.... full bellies... happy hearts!
Ahh... #3 caught DH thanking me for dinner.... So, hope yours was fabulous... and filled with love!


Esther Sunday said...

Precious photos! Especially of you and the hubbers... they can be so awesome!

~love said...

looks like a happy, fun day! you are blessed. =)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Wellll I didn't get THAT much love Christine! Teehee
I wish your boys and mine could hang out together :)

Counting Your Blessings said...

What a gorgeous group you all are! Blessings over and above... Polly

FarmHouse Style said...

It looks like your Thanksgiving was fabulous!

Love the picture of your boys:)


hoganfe handmade handbag originals said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday - you have loads to be thankful for!!

BellaColle said...

Thanks everyone! I hope your day was blessed as well!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh, you and your husband are adorable!! I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving together!! I so relate to moms of boys, having five of my own...they truly are my sweeties. I love the swirlies you have embellished your photographs with. Where do you find something like that? Thank you for visiting my blog! xxoo, Dawn