Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spooky New

Ahhh yes! it's good to be Queen! Just call me the Queen of multi-tasking! LOL! New store, fall chores... creating and creating... that's my life... full.
Here are some new 'Spooky' charms I created today. I went to Assemblage yesterday, and Teresa requested some Halloween voila!

OOPs, #1 caught the Queen in action! LOL!
Well, where were we?... Oh yes, at Assemblage...I just love that place. I was dropping off some new items. Teresa informed me I had a sale! Yes, with in a couple of weeks of dropping this certain charm off it sold! The charm I am talking about is the 'mini double' I had listed a bit back on Etsy and a lady bought it... left neutral feedback about the quality...and sent it back. Well...I did a little jig right there when she told me! 'Oh yes, your double charms sold right away! bring me some more...' Yippee!!!!
Isn't the back ground paper soo cute? It is a collage sheet by Paperrelics! Hope Wallace is soo talented. Oh yes, heheh... this is my second circle charm. It's got a few bumps I need to smooth out but I think it is soo cute.
This mini button will definatly be going in the store!
Oh, here are some more mini buttons! On the back of the 'trick' it says 'treat' and on the back of the 'boo' it says 'spooky' Soooooo cute!
Oh yes, did I say I was multi tasking today? I can just hear you guys laughing...but yes! I am bound and determined to learn how to design web sites!!! Here is a book I am starting with... I was just saying to Laura of 'Necessity is the mother of invention' ... I soo need a better design for a store... I can't afford I figure start now and the sky is the limit... Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I checked out your buckets with the black feathers. Too, too cute! Love'em. Let me know if that html book works for you. xoxo Lynn

Nunnie's Attic said...

Congratulations on your sale! Good luck, honey. You know I'm rooting for ya!


KARA said...

woohooo for the most talented charm queen in all the kingdom, what did I tell yas, knew were great.
and good for you building a webby site, I did mine but luckily didn't involve a great deal of html.
Loving the new charms, they are so darn cute, the pumpkins made me smile, hey misses don't forget my charms for november xxxxxx

~love said...

congrats on that first sale!! =)

i LOVE these spooky charms...every one of them! keep it up! =)

bellacolle said...

Thank you! yous guys are the best!!!
Kara, nope, I didn't forget ;-)

Joy for the Journey said...

Congrats! It's so gratifying when others like your work!!
Sarah :)