Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Playing photographer

Howdy! well, the boys made it through their first day of school. Hurray!
We are all pooped!
But I WAS able to make some fab glass button charms... I think they turned out very nice...

Do you remember the photo shop I got a bit ago? Well, I thought I'd fool around with it tonight. Yes, I know...there is a glare... some shadows. Any suggestions? Ideas as how to capture the perfect photo? I'm alllll ears.

(Oh, by the way... if you ever see something you might like me to make for you here on my little blog, just email me! I just love custom orders..or just leave a post.)

Fabulous Tuesday to ya! Catch ya on the flip side...LOl!!! I'm off to play photographer some more.


KARA said...

gorgeous charms, love em all.
i have put in a custome order. lol.
oh i am know good with photoshop, i just use the auto edit button lol

Barbra said...

I need to work on my photos.They're either too bright,too dark or just plain uninspiring. By the way, your chairs are fabulous!!! love them.

katydiddy said...

Love the charms! I think the photos are great.

Flea Market Queen said...

Love your charms, and the photos are great!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I wore mine sunday and people saw the 'you' and said 'whats this?'...and reached for it to turn it over then got a surprise! That was fun!

bellacolle said...

Aww.Thanks guys! Shabby, I have one that says "yes" and "no"...fun fun charms!