Friday, September 14, 2007

Fab Friday

Well...what a week! Amongst the pits I did have these 'cherries'! This first is a necklace I just got from Amy from This is the coolest necklace. The wire wrapping is amazing, but the idea is just too cute I couldn't resist. It is a 'mommy birds nest' necklace. This neat artist offers several different bird eggs to choose from... and she will do 1 egg to I think 6... I chose robin 'cause I love those cheerful birdies and of course the color of their eggs is one of my fave colors....
This cute charm and card I just received as an 'out of the blue' swap from my bud Laura I've never participated in any swap so, I promise I may be slow...but I won't drop the ball! The idea behind the swap is you mail the person who sends you a little something 'out of the blue' something back and then you intern send 2 people something out of the blue.... fun...not a huge deal... and it lifts that person's day...I know it did mine. Thank you Laura!
And I received these comfy clothes from my mother...Thanks mom. You know just what I like.

Well... I will be posting my 'Friday Night Lights' post real soon! stay tuned! she is a fab artist and a sweet southern belle....


Nunnie's Attic said...

Isn't it wonderful to get a little unexpected pick-me-up? What a way to start the day.


bellacolle said...

Yes my dear it is!! :-)

KARA said...

ohh love the bird egg necklace are you trying to make me buy myself loads of gifts. LOL.
mommy can you send me some comfy clothes they are sooo cute.
Love the pick me up, what a fab swap idea, oh shoot I think I am to do something like this with genevieve better check.
love sweetie

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am so happy you visited my blog. And no you're not crazy. I think of aqua as a beachy thing too. In fact on my website it's listed in the Beachy Chic Boutique section. I love your friend's necklace of the nest and blue eggs. Adorable. I may have to tell Santa about that one. Visit often. Hugs, Lynn

Jennifer Froh said...

I love the birds nest necklace!!! I just went over there and orderd one for myself !!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful find!!!

katydiddy said...

Glad you like the charm-although it cannot compare to the craftsmanship of yours!