Monday, September 3, 2007

Blue and white face lift

Happy Monday to everyone! Hope your weekend was fab...Yes, I know it's Labor Day today...Last day of Summer so to speak. Well, here is how I have spent my day so far. Giving my dinning chairs a face lift. You probably can't see in the pictures, but these oldly but goodies have seen alot of wear and tear.
I purchased them 3 years ago from a friend for 75.00 and that included a 3 leaf LARGE table as well. Well worth the money I must say, but when I first got them they were this horrible brown with orange and brown tapestry seats. Well, with a little bit of work they turned out beautiful. But they have seen better days, so I thought I'd do a redo today.
They have seen spilled coffee (oops, that would be mom and dad) sticky chocolate fingers (oh, that would be visiting cousins...) and all around grunge ( ah, that would be #1,#2 and #3)...

So, with my trusty spray paint. I covered them again... This paint I love, it' just white enough with out being stark. Still holding on to the fab 'shabby look' I love.
Boy, I forgot how much work it is. I guess I don't have the right staples because they were such buggers to get into the wood. So, there will be no peeking under the seats! By the time I was done, they weren't as neat as when I started the job..LOL.!
Sooo, voila! A fab Blue and White face lift. They turned out nice and crisp and clean. I really must remember to Scotchguard before we bring them really has helped them last soo long I think. The chair below on the left is covered with Waverly's Toile and the chair on the right is covered Bloomcrafts original sailboat ship silkscreen. Both fabrics I scored 3 years ago on ebay...

Okay, with that little job done I'm off to see what I can get into to procrastinate cleaning up for the Appraiser coming in the A.M... I hate having an appraisal of our house done... Someone poking around and then giving their "opinion" as to what our house is worth. Pray it goes well!
Oh yeah, pray for the boys...they start school in the A.M too..
Well, I'm off with my latte...let's see maybe #1 needs help with the yard


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Pretty pretty chairs! I love the fabrics so much! Can't believe you have green grass. Ours is way past dead with no hope for rain.
We've been in school three weeks now...I love it...and I told them I would sub if they needed me...we'll see what happens :)

Monica Yvette said...

Oh my gosh! I've missed a lot. Time really flies when you're painting. I just posted a couple of the paintings I did. I'm withholding the rest for suspense. lol. Speaking of, your weekend painting looks very nice indeed.

bellacolle said...

Oh thanks guys!
shabby, hey that would be awesome if you can sub!!! I let #3's teacher know right off I'd help where she needs me...oh gosh you guys! it's her first year teaching!!
monica...I bet your work is fab!!

Flea Market Queen said...

The chairs are the fabric!
Green grass hmmm, what is that?
Not here in the O.C.!

Anonymous said...

Well, you spend your Labor Day with a labor of love job. The chair's turned out very nice, now we need a picture of where they go :( nosey, nosey.

KARA said...

christine is a genius, what amazing job, oh i so want them, i think i will pay for you to come to england and do my house with your fab talent.
love the colours.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh poor you with school starting today! Or maybe it's a good thing? The chairs look great! Blessings.. Polly (p.s. the pokemon lady has a blog!)

katydiddy said...

Lovely chairs. Your house must be a visual wonder!

Sharon said...

Very Nice to Meet You :-)I am glad you are coming to tea! Please feel free to grab the invite and post it on your blog~invite all of your friends~ the more the merrier~Those chairs would be so perfect for an afternnon tae. Nice job!
Sharon @