Saturday, September 29, 2007

Autumn at White Corners

Well, its inevitable... Autumn is here at White Corner's. But that's okay 'cause God says everything has a season.. So, I up for embracing this time of change...I set about cleaning up the yard today...and adding a few 'touches'
Where we live is so rural! It's not uncommon to see these in peoples drive ways...we have learned the rhythm of this country side. You see these it's either plowing season to plant or plowing season to turn the earth under for winter...
I have to grin going by the fields now a days, it's like the farmers are playing in the fields! You will see singles rows harvested...and the silly farmers harvesting circles like this. Crops circles anyone?lol!

I was cleaning off my one patio table... the rusty and weathered one. I love the way these items just 'were' on my little rusty tray... signs of summer... sunshine, sea shells and baseball!
Yes, I was able to get some chores done. You know guys, this is a good time to get a jump on the weeds and fertilizing for spring. I didn't do this last year so we will see how it goes. I'll keep you posted!
We put to 'bed' some of our other lawn furniture. I'm sad, nothing is better than siting out on a warm summers evening under 'fairy' lights playing cards with the family and friends. year.
Yup, the play set gets it's awning taken down. Now is time to set out and plant your fall bulbs. I will be adding daffodils and some more tulips this year. Oh yeah, just another tip... plant what ever color tulips you want, but for some reason add the hearty red ones! A hint given to me by my 'master gardener' friend. She stated that red helps keep the other ones healthy, I have and each year they have come back just as lovely.
Well, lastly... as others have beautifully shown...mums add just the right 'fall' display...these are at the back door...I will be getting some for the front next week. Oh yeah, if you guys have the 'second season' pansies in your neighborhood...pick some up! Down south, they add 'winter color' all through the season! Here in the W I , they will last till the first good long frost and come back!! I can't wait!!
Have a great weekend everyone.
**(#1 took the picture of the corn and the tractor..nice eye I think ! =) )****


Nunnie's Attic said...

I love the pictures and I have my mums out already. Just as you remembered the bible says there is a season for everything and I'm always ready for the next one.


~love said...

oh my goodness i've missed a lot while i've been away from blogworld lately! =)

i'm definitely feeling the need to get ready for winter here....MUST do that this week! thanks for the push!

VERY nice pic by #1! =)

i love your home! i LOVE seeing pics of people's spaces. so much fun!

you gave me an award!! =) thank you!!!

must go clean up from our get together tonight now. loved checking in on you during my little break!! =)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Gosh! The corn here got picked weeks ago! We had no rain and it was really a huge loss for the farmers.
I didn't know that about tulips...nice tip :)
I love the old world design you showed below!!!

KARA said...

oh Christine my hubby and I cried at your fab pictures, your home and surrounding area is how we have always dreamed we would live, we cross our fingers one day to live in america in a gorgeous house like yours.

Oh aren't you busy with all your gorgeous flowers, I wouldn't now a flower from a weed my poor garden looks a mess right now.

What a cool play toy, I want one.


Counting Your Blessings said...

How beautiful! I love the tractor just sitting out there. We have a bonfire tonight and I'm hoping to get some pumpkins on our way out there. Have a wonderful day. Blessings... Polly