Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun stuff!

Fun stuff today! I went to the one and only antiques mall here... and found some fun things..This is my favorite! It's just a white statue of fruit..but is soo reminds me of Carmen Miranda!! Cha Cha Cha!!LOL
This will be going in the store, I just have to figure out a price. There is a tiny leaf broken off, I couldn't really tell till I REALLY looked for it.. I think it only adds to the Shabbyesque of it

Vintage Fire King!! It is so funny how you can be combing booth after seems that folks would try and keep tabs on what their 'neighbor' booth prices are and stay competitive with them. Maybe they are smart and pricing things lower to keep things moving in their booth..

My point is that I was able to pick it up at a wonderful price and will be putting it in the store. I love Ironstone more for my kitchen....

And lastly.. Estate silver plate! I finally found some knives. I'm on the hunt for some trophies!! What do you guys think of Estate silver? I think it adds a lovely touch to everyday meals.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!! P.s.. Thank you for your well wishes about moving.. this is actually the first house we have ever owned and now it will be the first house we have ever tried to sell.. any pointers?



Barbra said...

Love vintage Fire King. Have some myself. "They" say to pack lots away before you put the house on the market. People don't want to see your 'stuff' but want to visualize their own. It worked for my last sale in NY.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I am on the hunt for trophies too. I never see them around here. I did find one and it was a beauty and huge but the lady wanted a fortune for it. Love your green bowl too. I think you should move to Virginia. :) ~ Lynn

Signature Vintage said...

Congrats on your decision to move! It can be exciting...and Texas is a wonderful place! I love the pics on the post!!!

Monica Yvette said...

I've been taking the time to catch up on your old posts and see that I've missed quite a bit. It's funny that you're moving. I might be moving too, but not nearly such a distance. Texas is really nice. {There is a town called Humble just outside of Houston where the cost of living is excellent. It's really clean and small town feeling too.}