Thursday, March 20, 2008

New digi collage...

I found some new stuff for making 'digi' collages... Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Spring!!
You know.. I would love to make a blog banner for someone.. or a blog button.. logo... I want to eventually incorporate this service into BellaColle my dream is to offer web design services as well.
I have a few on my EtsyStore of some Etsy banners for sale... simple... but fun.
Hey, how about this.. a little give away.. post here and tell me why you are so excited for Spring and I will pick one on Easter Sunday for a free blog banner or button. Something you might have been wanting to spruce up. Hey, I'd be honored if you'd let me try. Free of charge!
Hope your week has been going well.


Monica Yvette said...

Oooh! Me, me. Count me in. I'm excited to start the spring season in a new home. Yep, we got it. This gives a whole new meaning to spring cleaning. Have a great weekend, Christine:)

katydiddy said...

I love spring because it's warm, but not too hot. I love to sit outside on the patio, smell the orange blossoms on my tree and sip tea.

Kim said...

Well...I just wrote a long post about what I love about Spring and lost it all. Oh well. I just wish you happy SPRING instead. Finally, after a long winter, I'm starting to see the signs that Spring may still arrive. Aaaah...I can't wait.

Laurie said...

I love spring for multiple reasons, but a few of the top ones are
New Life
The color of Green in so many shades
The days are warm, but not too hot yet
It is the beginning of a new farm year.
Just a few, there are so many more