Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun Spring Necklace

Fun Spring necklace here! I used vintage elements like the pendant and the large crystal on the back pendant... Some is silver plated some is sterling... there are crystal Swarovski crystals.. Rose quartz and the Bali silver head pins...

Didn't the back pendant turn out cool? And I used a unique heart clasp... You know the fun thing is.. I can keep adding or taking away as the inspiration hits! I will eventually list this in the store as well...I think I need to find some rhinestone buttons and add them some how..!!

I can't wait for time in the studio to solder!! Its been 'burnin' in my brain' to do some..unfortunately I haven't had a chance.. I have an idea to solder a larger charm for Bennie's great-granddaughter that was born just a week before Bennie passed... Some little something that her dad & mom can hang in her nursery.
I also have an idea for a unique 'bridal party' gift.. some kind of charm to commemorate the date.

I have a realtor coming tomorrow to start the process of listing the house.. I'm really nervous but then again I'm not. Kind of interesting turn of events everyone... DH and I just recently (as in the past 4 days..) received job offers in of all places... Idaho!! Don't get me wrong... luv ya Esther Sunday! but talk about a curve ball. This is just soo out of the blue.
But...but... we all wanted to move to Texas.. and the warmth..and the sunshine...and the warmth... lol...secretly I have always wanted to live in Texas...But a few Summers ago I was able to visit Idaho and it was beautiful....
Here's the thing, I would only have to work 3 to 4 hrs. a day and work at home via a company laptop!! I would be a safety officer of a growing trucking company... DH would actually with his job offer work only two weeks a month and make the same amount he slaves for being gone soo much.. The boys are only getting older and quite frankly they need their dad to keep them in line... it's something about when dad's deep voice says 'knock it off'..
We are soo torn up with confusion right now... not sorrow..just confusion. I mean, is this some way to throw us off target? I did check..and there aren't as many flea markets in the area of Idaho we would move as Texas..but there are sooooooo many more than here..(we have 2..both seasonal )LOL.. Some Bible believing churches.. And shopping!! So it wouldn't be bad Idaho, just cold like here in the winters. That is the huge thing about us moving, we can not afford to keep wasting money on trying to stay warm!! I know that we would not have near as large of utilities in Texas as here or Idaho.. I don't know..I'm just really confused now.
Sorry for such a long winded post.. Can anyone tell me a little more about Idaho?!!
Hope your Monday went well.


Jerusalem said...

love the necklace! so to moving, well I guess both options are good options, but if you close your eyes and take turns imagining yourself living both places, which one brings you more peace and which one brings more questions? And Texas is VERY warm, down right blasted HOT in the summer, no doubt about that if heat is what you are after, lol.

GardenGoose said...

the necklace is really pretty. wishing you and your family the best

Esther Sunday said...

Lovely necklaces! No offense taken, darlin'. I am a Calif beach gal and have lived in the panhandle of North Idaho since 94. I don't know what part you Idaho you are thinking of, and the State really varies, at least weather wise. Here in North Idaho, the winters are long, cold and full of snow. The summers are short compared to the long winter months. But just south of us, the winters are much milder. It can get pretty hot in the summer, no humidity and certainly not as hot as Texas. If you want to email me about a specific area, I may know a bit more about that area and would be happy to help with any questions. I wish you and your family the best during this transition period! Love, Esther

Monica Yvette said...

Christine, that necklace is super cute! It sounds like you have an awesome opportunity in Idaho, though I can see why you are confused.Best of luck to you in your decision making. I'm sure it will all work out.

Unknown said...

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