Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It is coming!! It is coming!!

Can ya see it?!! Look real close... grass!! Yup! That's right ladies and gentlemen..Spring is coming slowly but surely to the WI.. Tomorrow marks the official seasonal change here into Spring.. you can't really tell with the snow still here but it is finally starting to melt. Unfortunately we are seeing some flooding in areas. (This is my back yard)

Here is the view from the front door. More grass visible and you can even see the road! I promise you that for the whole month of Dec..Jan.. and Feb..we could not tell where the road was. If the rabbits haven't done too much damage, things will start blooming soon. The Hydrangeas look like withered sticks, but they will soon blossom into wonderful snowballs of Spring and Summer beauty.

Well, unlike my family down South..Where you can walk out on your way to church on Easter Sunday and enjoy the beautiful flowers all around.. we have to enjoy wonderful bulbs here for Easter forced in pots...That's okay...Ahhh... they smell so wonderful...

How is Spring looking in your neck of the woods?

Happy Wed. everyone!