Friday, February 29, 2008


Well... it's time to say good-bye to White Corners... DH and I have been thinkin' real hard for a while now.. and as much as we love White Corners.. everything has a season and well... After a long hard Winter and only increased living expenses..and 7 long years later.. White Corners is on the market. It's our year of Jubilee!

Texas is where we are searching..searching for a new home... our 'other' business allows DH to travel quite frequently through this lovely state.. #1 son is very upset.. almost to unlivable with.. but I know we will be able to find a good home and a wonderful church family to become a part of. We thought of going back to my homeland of Georgia and well, because of the water shortages and all, it would be better some where else for now...

You wonderful ones who live in this beautiful state.. I am intrigued by your homeland... I would love to hear more about it!! What makes your state the best to live in? Hey, I would love to hear what anyone has to share about your special state! Hey, you know what... what makes your country special.. Kara?

I am hopeful this Spring.. I know this year will bring change and growth!! I just love this time of year.. a time of rebirth and hope. Lets try and embrace the newness!! What are your plans for this year?
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Cottage Contessa said...

Wow, what a beautiful home you have! Best wishes and good luck with everything sweetie. I hope things go smoothly for you all.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Frantic Home Cook said...

It is a lovely home. I pray things will go well for your search.

I live in the north but my plan(dream) is to move south this year. If only DH could find a job there, he's willing. So far, no luck though. I'll keep dreamin'.

Barbra said...

What an exciting yet anxious time ahead for you but it will be wonderful. I am a newcomer (6 years) to the south after a lifetime in the northeast and you know what?....I'll never live there again. It's a challenging yet satisfying adventure.

Esther Sunday said...

Oh, I do wish you the best. Sorry your one son is taking it hard. He must love his home there, which is a testament to you! Love, Esther

FarmHouse Style said...

How exciting! A new life in a new place:) A bit bittersweet though, I'm sure. Your home is beautiful and hopefully will sell quickly.

I wish you would move back this way, I'd love to meet you for real, but I understand not wanting to move into the worst draught in at least 50 years. Although we have had some good rain this winter, Lake Lanier still looks decimated. I have gone to collecting rain water to use in my garden this year just in case it is as bad as last year, or heaven forbid worse.

Best of luck on relocating. Keep us up to date.


Pat said...

Good luck on your intended move. I've visited San Antonio, TX and fell in love with that city. I heard Sugarland is very nice too.
The NE where I live is so ridicuously expensive, but I still love NY.

~love said... exciting, but i can imagine how scary for #1, too. we moved across town (and to a new school district) when i was a sophomore and that was intimidating--i'm sure across the country is a lot. but, you're'll find a new church family & with your support, he'll do great.

as for texas...i LOVE it. that is my home state and if i could move my whole extended family back there, i would! san antonio is wonderful....and there are great, smaller communities around it to live in. i'm a wee bit jealous! ;)

bee'nme said...

Hello from a proud Texas native who is more than happy to drone on and on about how I love this state and her fine people!!

I see that you are from Wisconsin - LOVE it there!! I spent a fair amount of time in Dodgeville, WI in the fall of 2000 for business - what a lovely place...

I've lived in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. My current home is in the north Houston neighborhood called The Woodlands. For Houston, this is a pretty, treesy respite in the midst of the concrete jungle. There are sweet little communities all around Houston that feel like the country, yet still provide access to all the big city stuff you might need. Another plus for Houston is access to the coast.
Dallas is very similar to Houston in many ways...outlying communities with a country feel...close to big city ammenities. Dallas is a tad bit drier and a tad bit cooler than Houston. Each city is FULL of wonderful churches, big and small, of all types!

Austin is my sentimental favorite - it's really beautiful there (the whole surrounding "Hill Country" as it is called is truly gorgeous) and Austin is fun, funky, youthful - which can be annoying as well :o) Not as many churches there, but some very good ones nonetheless.
Here is a webpage I did in the Spring of 2006 celebrating the bluebonnets that come out in late March - these photos were taken in an area about an hour north of Houston:

One last thing - cost of living - Houston and Dallas are moderate - some surrounding areas are quite inexpensive (compared to other major metropolitan areas) My 3 BR, 2BA 1500 square ft. home in northern Houston cost app. $118,000 in 2006(for comparison sake)

Austin is about 20% more expensive as it is just a more desirable place to live by many standards.

But more than all of the above - Texans themselves are vibrant, independant, warm, open, genuinely friendly, caring, fun people all across the state!

OK, I'll stop now - feel free to stop by at Just Bee 'n Me ( and I'll be happy to answer any questions or make recommendations if you'd like... I'm pretty passionate about the Lone Star State (see this posting:

It was good to find you in Blogland after loking around for collage artists - I have bookmarked your site and will add you to my links soon!

Hugs and Blessings,
Becky S.