Monday, March 31, 2008

Well.. it's over! Thank God! In all His mercy and goodness the taxes are done!! The monkey is finally off my back.. all is well.. according to the accountant we don't owe anything for this year.. this is totally amazing seeing as for the past 5 years we have owed..and owed... and owed..
I just feel so bad because it seems sales have slumped since Dec. for Bella Colle and so have blog visitors.. I would so love to just sit and visit and be on the web...but.. family commitments come first though, and I just pray I can catch a breath now.
just to get my mind off things I visited the fab Anthropologie...I can only window shop for now because everything is a bit too much... wonderful Spring cuties to be found.. thoughts rise above the horrible thunderstorms we are having here in the WI. to Spring and Summer days where one can walk outside without a the wonderful flowers and air..
How about day dreaming for Home... Potterybarn has wonderful fresh inspirations..Okay Okay your looking for something original, how about this? Use these wonderful sites for inspiration... take something from there and tweak it... twirl it... fluff it.. go find equally beautiful items else where and turn it into your own. I know I do... for less.
Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone is safe through these horrible storms.


Esther Sunday said...

Yipee! Our taxes are done to! Nasty things. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, I think everyone knows that! Love, Esther

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Yuck, Taxes
You have a wonderful blog!


~love said...

totally understand the family first...but still missing it. =)
welcome back. =)

A Punkin Card Company said...

Thanks Bella! Good luck on the giveaway!


Esther Sunday said...

Hey, Darlin... just me again. If you like (at no cost), I will ask my dad if he is up to doing a pen and ink of White Corners for you. (You could just send a picture of the angle you would like drawn.) He hasn't been doing much pen and ink these days, but he was so touched by all the nice comments he has received when I show his work, he may be up for it. As you know, when someone really likes the work you do, it makes it even more enjoyable. I got news from him last night that he has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. So, it is possible he may get a lot of self satisfaction out of this project. Could be just what the doctor ordered.