Thursday, March 6, 2008

old stuff

Well, I was cleaning out the studio and found these two older collages I've done.... look familiar?
Gosh... I can't believe I have soooooo much stuff stashed places. The studio was the children's play room...and class room ( I used to home school when they were smaller) till I kicked 'em out and made it mine..ALL MINE !Muaw hauaw haw!!! LOL! just kidding... seriously, I can't believe what pack rat I am!! It's amazing what you can accumulate over 7 years.

This one I really like! Seein' I have boys and all... I made this one into a larger soldered charm and was able to sell it at Assemblage Studio. This cleaning out is really time consuming, but I know if we put some effort into it.. the house will fare well and we will be able to sell in a reasonable time. I think it's going to be funny at all the things we find that were 'mysteriously' lost over the years! Like the first T.V remote ( had to buy a universal one.. ) Those all important Star Wars pieces that because they are lost... Obi One's ship wont fly! Hey maybe the galaxy will be saved after all..LOL
Thank goodness it's almost the weekend! Hey.. baby will be turning 9!! Yay...
Happy Thursday..XO


queen of the carnivale said...

You have such talent!!! What gorgeous artwork!

Cottage Contessa said...

Good work doing all that cleaning out! Your artwork is very beautiful sweetie! Happy 9th birthday to your son!! Hope you're having a wonderful week!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Barbra said...

Moving is cleansing...for the spirit and the space!

Esther Sunday said...

Happy Birthday to your precious one! Love, Esther