Friday, March 14, 2008

Freshning up!

Well I'll be!! Would you just look at the beautiful header and 'tag' Cathy of
Avalon Rose Web design created for me!!
I just love it! With the ad about to make it's 'debut' I wanted to spruce the store up... Cathy helped me do it. Cathy is so nice and patient, I'm so glad that I was able to have her help me.

This is the home page..each page has the beautiful header and tag on it... it's freshened up for Spring. I also would like to change the 'favicon' for it... I was able to create one all by myself for my typepad blog, let's see if I can do it for blogger and the store.
Never heard of 'Favicon'?.. they are the fun icons in the address bar that are a picture identifying the site... what do you think of my typepad one?
I think when the ad finally appears.. I will have my first evers sale! 10% off for my blog land friends.. I'll have to work out the details for that.
Happy Friday..