Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sister Act

Here is a peek at a new collage I am working on. I think these girls are so cute. I really love how they are dressed alike, and their smiles! I just wonder what they are thinking..." oh why did mom dress us like this?" "okay, I stole your dolly just stand there and smile...and we'll deal with this later..."

What do you think? All I have are boys, so I don't know how sisters think. I would love some input on what these cute dollies might be thinking.

Have a great Thurs.


Jen - Earth Angels said...

how wonderful to connect in BLOGland...thanks for reaching out...I enjoyed a read of your blog. Happy creating
xxoo Jen

suchprettycolors said...
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suchprettycolors said...

i have a boy, too...but i was once a girl [now a woman, lol]...i think they are thinking, "i hate it when my mom tortures my hair into these curls!!!" which i guess gives you a little hint about my childhood - i always have straight hair now that it's up to me!!

they are very cute girls, though...great collage!

bellacolle said...

Thanks guys! Suchprettycolors, I remember getting my hair rolled as a little girl! ouch, I had to sleep on those 'pink' curlers! I must admit, I'd probably do the same thing to my little girl if I had one, I just love those ringlets!!!!

msbelle said...

Very cute!! I have three sisters and we used to have to pose for Easter outfit pictures in our front yard before going to church. We were always complete with hats and Easter baskets, and little white gloves. I believe they are thinking "please get on with this so we can go play!"

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Hi bella! I like your sister collage. I have an older sister. Our 6 year gap meant we weren't really close as kids, but we are now, with our own families. Sisters can tell each other things that they can't tell their moms & dads. Sisters are "secret keepers".