Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My new storm door

Okay, this is really dorky. Please forgive, but I just love my new storm door!!!! My fab, wonderful, awesome hubby and I are renovating our 107 year old farm house and I finally have a new storm door! I have been wanting one foreva, our sassy German shepherd always stuck her nose through the old fashion one that was on there so we could never open the door. Ha! take that Shelby... dohhh, I just spied some doggy slobber... but it is so nice to have the front door open and let some fresh air in!!!

I hope you can see it, it is white that will match the trim and has a lovely brass handle and kick plate on it. Please forgive my dorkiness, but this old house has been getting on my nerves and it is so nice to have something new! yes, there is new siding going on too!

Those feet you see on the roof are my wonderful hubby... Please don't fall off! agggh... lol.

Anyway, has anyone ever renovated? especially with family? It is neat with our family, it's just my hubby and I and the kids doing a little here and there and as each new thing happens we all have this sense of pride. I'm just ready for the outside to be done! Nothing like giving folks directions to your house and having to say "oh, yeah it's the oooolllddd farm house half sided ,half with foam board insulation hanging out..."

Well, Happy WEd.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I bet you can't stop looking at your door. I bet everytime you walk by, you turn your head to peek at it! Congrats on your new door bella! :-)
I have a dream of someday buying an old fixer-upper! It's never been something my husband has wanted to do. Although, recently he's mentioned that would be fun to do! Coolness!
How fun that you live in such an old farmhouse! It looks pretty neato, from what I can see of the picture.

bellacolle said...

Our family has lived here since '01.. the previous owners didn't do a thing to it for 20 years! When we had it inspected, the guy said "oh, yeah your house is made with tree trunks on top of boulders.." He couldn't get over the width of our foundation! well, it's a labor of love I guess..haven't wanted to admit it.. but yeah nikki/whimsylove, as each new thing happens I can't walk by and not feel soo much joy!

bellacolle said...

Uggh, my hands work faster than my brain!
I meant to say " I can't help but feel soo much joy!" Darn my slow brain.... I really am excited!

Karen Beth said...

I got a new storm door once and I felt the exact same way. I loved it!

So cool that you guys are renovating your farmhouse! I know it will be so rewarding! :)

suchprettycolors said...

great door! your post cracked me up, because we're about to get a new one, too, and i'm all excited about it.

Monica Yvette said...

Ooh, a hundred year old farm house sounds dreamy. Renovating with my family would be a disaster. Better to hire a pro who won't argue with me. lol. Happy remodeling to you.