Thursday, May 31, 2007

New work and Thursday stuff

Here is #3 I worked on this past weekend. It is a vintage 1940's French postage stamp. On the back it has just a scrap of the envelope, something different. I actually have a few more letters that I might make some charms with. I just love using the beveled glass, it might look distorted, but if you were to see it up close and for real it really sparkles.

This picture is what has been filling our days lately! He has another game tonight at 7... They haven't been doing well, I hope they win tonight! My little guys needs to learn to plant that back foot when hitting! Anyway, it's fun, time consuming but fun. I think it's neat how our children can bring total strangers together, us 'Cubs' moms last game sat in the top corner of the bleachers and rooted for the whole team... Its nice when others root for your little one.

Lastly, Family.
What does family mean to you? Are we striving for the perfect one? Do we get frustrated when the folks in ours don't act the way we want? Since I missed my "Thoughtful Wed. " post, I'd like to think about that for today. What our families mean to us! I know mine can try my patience but I truly love 'em and want our home to be a sanctuary for all of us.

Cheers! Have a great day

Hurray for Whimsylove who helped me figure out this placing pictures in the blog thing!!!


Karen Beth said...

Great post! I love to think about family... especially mine. :)

My family is of the utmost importance to me. I'm not married and have no kids so my family is my Mother and Father, my sister and brother, my nephew and my Aunt. They are all just more than I could ever ask for, more than I deserve. We all stick together through thick and thin and would do anything for one another.

It took me a long time to realize that my family are the greatest friends I will ever have. They are the ones I trust more than anyone else, no matter how hard I try. The women in my family are my best girlfriends and I'm really blessed by that. I love it.

Great question... thanks for having me think about it today.


KB :)

Monica Yvette said...

Love the stamp pendant! Thanks for the early B.D. wishes. Did I already say that? Well, happy early weekend to you.

bellacolle said...

Hi! Thank you two for visiting! I wonder where my other blogs friends went?

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I am totally obsessed with my family! I love my girls & I can't imagine my life without them! My parents are everything to me. Being adopted I feel an extra special appreciation for where I am now & who my family is!!!