Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Little inspiration for Wed.

"I think that the biggest thing that affects women is the fear of the unknown because we're such planners. When we're starting something and can't see how we're going to get there, that's when you need to dig in and let yourself be passionate and driven about your company. Don't look at it as 'in five years I'm going to be here...' look at (your progress) daily. -Lily Holt

Lady who launches...Shoe designer... Trail Blazer!
Well, I am at a pivot in my dream... Do I look at the edge and go for it or do I stay safe? Just a thought for this Thoughtful Wed. post.
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Abby said...

Go for it! (:

Rusty Rooster said...

For many years I have been familiar with the phrase "Follow your bliss", but not really understood it the way I do now. It's not about dreaming, wishing, or planning. It's about ACTIVELY PURSUING what you want in life and MAKING it happen. It really is possible to have/do what you want to do, but it does mean sometimes taking risks. But I believe that even if things don't go the way you plan, you will still find your bliss somewhere in the journey. Your products are beautiful! God would not give you the talent and desire to create and NOT give you the means to put it to some good use. Follow your bliss!

bellacolle said...

Thanks everyone!
rusty rooster, you are soo right, you cant just sit around and wait for stuff to happen. Thank you for your encouraging words about my 'wares'. The good Lord is awsome, but trying to listen and not jump ahead is soo hard.

Karen Beth said...

You GO FOR IT! :)

Monica Yvette said...

Good quote, great shoes. Have fun on your journey. I have to remind myself of that sometimes.