Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fat Bracelets!


My time "creating" started out with my little domino, I must say it flopped! But I won't give up! That little sucker isn't gonna stop

I decided I needed to 'step away' from the soldering iron... so I dug out my beading supplies. I spent all day on them, there was no room in my craft area so of course, I spilled out to my kitchen table, it's still covered!

Aren't these the best? I like them anyway... I call them my "fat" bracelets. These are 'altered art' bracelets, you cram the silver link bracelet with all the lovelies you can find. My middle son who is 10 yrs old and ALL boy, can't seem to grasp the idea. "Don't you have enough on there mom?" "No!" I say lovingly...It needs more! lol! I think I will add some soldered charms to both of them.

Creative fix satisfied...Aaahhh.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh gosh bella, I totally know what you mean by getting your creative fix satisfied!! Sometimes I am pacing all over the house & I don't feel settled until I have some sorta craftiness going on!!
Fun bracelets--I think some soldered charms would be the PERFECT thing to finish them off with!

bellacolle said...

Thanks nikki/whimsylove! When the creative juices flow look out! mom's on a roll!lol. I actually got a compliment on my red,white and blue bracelet tonight at the ball field! A mom really liked it. That has never happened!

TheMomInTheFamily said...

Hey, thanks for making me one of your fave blogs! Just this afternoon I told my daughter that if we lived alone our whole house would be one giant craft room with a different project on each flat surface so we could go from one to another all day. :-) Today we had the dining table and coffee table covered.

bellacolle said...

Wahoo! themominthefamily! I love it! any flat surface... game for crafting! sounds like my

Monica Yvette said...

Aw, you're sweet. I really like those funky, chunky charm bracelets. I just got a shipment of jewelry supplies tiny resin dominoes. Great minds... P.S. I like the new blog color.

suchprettycolors said...

those are fabulous...i especially like the bottom one.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh, I love love love making fringe bracelets like that!! It's sooooo satisfying!

Great job.