Friday, February 8, 2008

A Question?

Hi guys! I've been busy busy... Here is another crown I made.. I have this swap that I'm a part of..I've never been in a swap.. I'm trying to decide what to send.

I made the card that is in the back of the tags... the tags..and a soldered charm. It should be good, right? There were no real guide lines..just make it by hand, and it's Valentines.
I was wondering if I could get your guys help. I have two blogs, I really only need one..I only want one. I can't make my mind up to which one to get rid of, Blogger or Typepad?!
Blogger is the one I have had for eva' and met some fab folks through, but Typepad is so much easier to tweak how I like it... no need for learning ancient Blogger html code! LOL!
I try and visit folks as much as I can through kinda say "hey, here I am... " but then folks come here, which feels like home too! AGGGH! I'm in a quandry..a stump... a pit in the road. Lol!...
I have asked some folks for help and well...obviously they are too busy to answer. Tell me, which blog do you like the best? Blogger or Typepad?!
You can visit Typepad here,
PlllEEASSSE.... vote too!
Have a great weekend everyone..


ShabbyInTheCity said...

What? You're gonna make me choose between two great places? I can't! Only you can tell the difference, right? Because of posting ease, etc. I have only tried blogger-and doesn't typepad cost money?

Monica Yvette said...

Well, I really like both of your blogs. They both showcase your unique style. I've used Blogger and Typepad before and find Typepad easier to customize, as you said. If you don't mind paying the monthly fee, I'd go for Typepad, but if you do...your blogger site is still really nice. Gosh, I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you. lol
xo- Monica

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I like your blogger place...there I said it. BUT blogger is all I have ever known. :) I love your tags and cards and crown. I am into making tags too and love ever minute of it. Yesterday I bought a bunch of new supplies and can't wait to get started. So many ideas swirling around in my head. You also inspired me. I just ordered the book Tiaras and Crowns. I'll be hopping all around until it arrives.

Esther Sunday said...

Dunno what to tell you, only that whatever you do, please stay accessible to us! Love, Esther

Ellenay Designs said...

The mystery is solved! I thought you got a new banner and really you had commented from both places!lol O.k., I don't know anything about typepad, but to me blogger is easy. I'm a simple girl though, don't hand me complicated. I like it that way.
I'm having another give-away, but this time it's for pets. Maybe your german shepherd will win! Mia is wearing hers so you could see how it looks.

~love said...

hmmm...i didn't know you had typepad, too. but, now that i've visited...i found it easier to read. i'd be happy to keep meeting you at blogger or change your link to typepad....just let us know! =)