Monday, February 25, 2008

Dreamin' of Spring

Oh I am soo dreamin' of Spring! And after the past few days I'm drained and feeling quite blah! In dire need of some inspiration. I doo want to thank everyone who sent your well wishes for us.. #3 is mending quite nicely and I'm still prayin' no one else gets this horrible bug that is going around.
Like I said, I'm needing some inspiration and pulled out some of my books. One fab book in particular that I refer back to often is Better Homes and Gardens 'Flea Market Decorating'. All these photos I found in the book.
What do you think of this amazing Majolica collection? I just love the colors and that's what we need here right about now!lol!

Look at this wonderful room.. Can you see the lovely needle point pillow? How about the vintage frames there on the mantel? Simple, accessible finds you can pick up for next to nothing..Aren't those flowers beautiful? I think they are Snap Dragons?

How about this amazing bath! I'm sure in need of some relaxation right about now!lol! Some lovely bath salts that sure would do the trick.. envisioning the wonderful blooms coming in the garden...AHHHHHH...

This little garden spot would be just right to curl up with a glass of sweet tea and a good book... I can't wait!

Lastly... I was digging through some of my older collages and thought I'd share this one again..."Let Love Take Flight" is what I call it. I was actually able when I first made it to shrink it down via computer and print off a copy I soldered with beautiful beveled glass and added a nice cluster of beads on a jump ring on the bottom... sold quickly at Assemblage.
Anyway... searching for inspiration here..I hope to find lots this week and I will try and share any goodness with you beautiful folks!
Happy Monday.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Christine, I am so sorry you guys have been sick and you had to take the little one to the hospital. That must have been scary. I think it was the latest edition of Country Living that had a majolica collection in it. I love to see photos of collections. Get well soon. xo Lynn

Esther Sunday said...

Wow. Sure you all feel better soon. Hey, pop in to see me for a cooking post ("Esther Sunday Style" of course - is there any other way?) Hang in there, spring is coming. Uh, by the way, go easy on that red lipstick. (hee,hee) Love, Esther

GardenGoose said...

hope everyone gets better soon. love the collage.
stopping by to invite you over to my blog for some fun giveaway drawings in celebration of Leap yr. day. hope you'll stop by.

FarmHouse Style said...

Love the inspirational photos, Christine. Just when we thought Spring had arrived here, today they are calling for snow showers and the temps are in the 20's. Glad I hadn't planted anything yet, but like you, I'm soooo ready.

BTW glad your sweetie is all better and I hope everyone remains well!


Anonymous said...