Monday, February 4, 2008

Winners! Yay!

Yay!! Barbra from over at Allaboutthebuttons won my little give away! She makes the neatest things...go visit I know you will be glad you did. Please email my dear, I need your address to get this lovely to ya!

Well...I'm also a winner! I neever win anything.. and I won this lovely gift basket from ABitOfParis2U giveaway!
Yummy goodies indeed!! These cute little vases... bath salts..rose bath soap...

A beautiful journal...a copy of Feb. Romantic Homes...

Oh yeah... chocolate, chocolate..and a little bit more chocolate! yummmmmm
Both ladies are so sweet! And Thank you! Thank you to all who entered my little give away..
Yay!!! Nice way to add a little sunshine to this loooooong winter.
I'm off to sneak some of that chocolate! lol...nobody is looking! NOws my chance..


Barbra said...

So we are both winners today. Thank you so much and I believe I am a winner having found a wonderful friend through the blog-o-sphere!
Check my blog today for a further shout-out!

Tracie said...

How nice for everyone!

Try not to eat too many chocolates (all while I'm eating M&Ms...).