Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Valentine for a friend

I was able to make this 'Valentine' on canvas for a sweet friend of mine today. It's not a huge canvas, it's only 4"inches by 5"inches.

Lots of glitter... and pink! Oh yeah!
The picture really isn't my friend and I, I found a vintage picture of some ladies from the '40s. I trimmed the edge with pink velvet ribbon and some vintage buttons. I love working on the tiny canvases but I just don't like the ugly staples on the side.

Do you guys do that? Give a close friend a Valentine, or do you reserve Valentine's day strictly for your Sweet Heart? I think it's nice to let dear friends know how much they mean to you. Life is too short and well..I'm tired of being in a shell so much 'cause of past hurts.
There is no law against Love... and well, I think we could all use more of it in our lives! It doesn't cost much to listen when folks speak... maybe even offer help even if it wasn't asked for... a kind note, a phone email! Yes, love goes a long way.
Think of this Valentine for you too my blog friends! I just love to hear from ya... and visiting your little slice of Blogland... hope your weekend is going well.
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Candy :) said...

I love your blog :)

Have a blessed day!


Barbra said...

I always send Valentines to special friends and today I received a wonderful one from you!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful pendant. I love it. Check my blog because I certainly mentioned you! Thank YOU, again. ♥