Monday, February 11, 2008 goes nothin'

We did it..we bit the bullet and placed an ad for Bella Colle. Here is the copy I designed my self....Not saying I'm this fab web designer or anything, but I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!!
I'm really nervous placing the's not like we are made of money or anything so I'm just praying this will help people know we are here...I pray this ad will pay for it's self eventually! I know DH would greatly appreciate that!!LOL!
I want to enlist the help of the fab web designer Cathy from AvalonRose Web designs to spruce the store up I'm also taking steps to freshen the inventory too! Any requests?
As this year progresses I want to take steps in a more positive direction for Bella Colle and define what Bella C stands for. I have set some simple goals this week and gosh, it sure feels good to accomplish them!
Well, just wanted to share real quick..I hope to visit you guys in the A.M. I'll keep you posted on the add! I hope it will be a good thing!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

You are so smart!! Do you really need to use Avalon Rose because I think you have nailed it. What magazine are you going in? I can't wait to say "I KNOW HER!!!" Everyone is just dying over my nest charm and I've written down your website several times.

Barbra said...

The ad is beautiful. Where will it be placed?
Please check this out and tell me what you think:

Esther Sunday said...

The ad looks fab!!!! Yes, where is the ad being placed? You'll do great, I just know it! By the way, do you remember I purchased some soap from you? I LOVE IT!!!!! I would like to purchase another bar from ya - would you send me an email? Love, Esther

Tracie said...

This is really pretty. Don't know how I missed it before. Lovely job, guess I better get caught up on my magazines, so I can see it in person, umm - in print.

Yes, I love Cathy too - she's the best around!