Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Style super!

Yes, I am a Home design magazine junkie...I confess! Anything that has to do with Home decor... design.. loveliness...I gotta have it. I try and pace myself and allow only two subscriptions...Mary Engelbreit (who I am disappointed more three home spreads! no more recipes! and too many adds.) and Traditional Home. Well, I was shopping the other day and spied this on the rack.. InStyle Home! Uhhmmmm...I'm there! Is there Interior Designers Anonymous? Oh please...LOL
I just love this spread of Molly Sims home in New York. What is truly incredible and why I wanted to share is Molly is a fellow treasure hunter! Yes! Miss Sims loves antiquing...she doesn't rely on a designer she takes charge and styles her own life. I love it! Anyone notice the color scheme for the dinning room? ehem.. pink and gray... love it!
Here is a picture of her office... She has a mannequin! Mine is covered with necklaces I am working on...Hers is cards! Mannequins are great!!
Miss Sims purchased this picture of the bee herself in CA... I don't know...I just found it refreshing to see a celebrity take charge of her own 'style' and do it herself...
Ahhh... eye candy without the calories.. love it!


Nunnie's Attic said...

I have WAY too many magazines. I just love looking at the pictures. It's truly eye candy at it's finest!


KARA said...

we really are split at birth I sacrificed meat last week whilst I was shopping for 2 home magazines

~love said...

i'm totally obsessed w/ this magazine! i started reading it at the gym and i ended up doing 50 minutes of cardio instead of my planned 20 because i was so enthralled with it!! =)
i loved molly sims painting too...with the words to the song fresh!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I meant to tell my readers that there is an old mannequin here in town for sale...
I love that big old bee print!!!