Thursday, October 4, 2007

Craftiness and such

Hi guys! I'm feelin' a bit zippy today... Thought I'd work on a little project that has been stewing in my brain a bit... It's time to change the door wreath's clothes... from the above 'Summer do' to something more seasonal.
So, I picked up a few things to see what magic I could do... (My pictures are out of order, with the technical difficulties I have had lately...thought it best to leeavve it alone...LOL!) I decided not to use the feathers.... but, the leaves I picked up at Wally Mart for $8.96 and the satin ribbon for $2.00. I just love satin ribbon lately! It adds just the right look as far as I'm concerned, not too flashy but defiantly classy.

This whole project started when I got the fall issue of Pottery Barn's mag. I just love the PB! Very classy and 'clean' merchandise there. The designers there are so talented.
But, not all of us can afford Pottery Barn all the time... I found this wreath amongst the pages...I think it is soo pretty. I love to purchase one, but me and my ever evolving tastes... I just can't bring myself to pay $38.00 for a seasonal decoration. So, I thought, how can I create this look for less...
I hope you can see on the above page, the wreaths are soo thin! One more thing to say "Nope, not 38.00 for that!" But I just love the colors and the look! What do you think? How do you guys dress your doors for fall?
This really isn't a very clear picture... the wind was actually blowing hard.. but the wreath turned out very pretty and color full. I added a grapevine wreath behind the leaves to give it some depth.
#1 had an orthodontist appointment today, so mom needed some good reading material..I toted a few books with me... you know, I'm in a rut with cooking lately. This book is awesome! I know it says 'Summer' on the Vineyard, but I found a recipe for split pea soup. With the crisp temps. and changing leaves, comfort food is in order and I think this soup will fill the bill... what are your comfort foods?
Well, update to the email thing... I just logged into blogger today and there was a message saying I haven't verified my email address. Wha??!! All this time..all this time it worked and then that??!! So, I tried to follow the link they provided and a big fat NOTHING. So, I switched my email to the one for the store! It is saying that the address is verified now.. so we will see! Would you guys be so kind as to let me know if you get to anymore of those returned items?
Hope your week is going well!


Nunnie's Attic said...

Ok, your wreath is FAR prettier than the one at PB. And look at how much money you saved! You go!

I haven't gotten any emails back lately but I will let you know if it happens again.


KARA said...

hey good for your miss christine, we couldn't have things on our doors where I live they would be stolen in a minute.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Ok, I just typed a long reply and then my computer locked up - of course! Your wreath is great. My previous message was really meaningful & now I don't remember it all... Sorry you missed it - lol! Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings... Polly

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Beautiful and so is the lady standing beside it! I love getting all the junk catalogs in the mail. Gives me great ideas for little cost. :))

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I love fall & I love your wreath. I made a similar one a few years ago --with 3 small wreaths connected by ribbon.
And I agree with Lynn---the junk catalogs are SO fun to get in the mail. Ideas & inspiration & all.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

YAY! It worked!!!

Anonymous said...

How talented are you? Your wreath is FANTASTIC!!! Love it when things like that work out, and way better than the original!