Monday, October 15, 2007

Bit of this and Bit of that.

Okay, has anyone ever felt like they are going 90mph to nothing?! Please excuse, it's a southern term... It means kinda that the speed limit of your life is 90mph with no brakes. I do feel like that lately!
This baby shower...go meet these folks... oh, yeah this stuff needs to be ordered... ahh yes, this one needs help with homework.... Do I stay with Yahoo for web hosting or go with another? Uhhm how many items on the new page...AGGHH... Amongst my life, while I was picking up a few items for the baby shower after church this past Sunday.. I found Caldrea! Bottles and bottles of glorious smelling, natural ingrediants..This linen spray in 'White Tea' is such a fresh burst of loveliness! It's a bit rainy and gloomy here in the WI and this linen spray has helped to infuse our home with Summer freshness... gotta love it!

These two in the fresh scent of Rose and Pomegranate...I never have even stopped to think about my dish soap before! I absolutely HATE doing the dishes!! Yuck!! We have yet to install a dishwasher here in our 107 year old kitchen...anything that makes this chore brighter Rocks my World!! The Rose scent helps me hold on to the summer flowers I love so much, amazing what a little 'scent' will do! LOL!!
I am so wanting to get in the studio! I have some fab ideas swarming in my head and as usual... when the juices get flowing..the distractions multiply!
But yet more inspiration! This site is sooo cool! Avindy really makes some amazing jewelry. There is no way I could afford this lovely...but just look at the collection of beads, greens..pinks and browns! Eclectic, I love it! Design inspiration at it's best. Those lovely ladies there are 'trend setters' as far as I'm concerned.
That is a whole other idea I want to talk to you guys about, Trend setters! Who are they and where do they get their power?...
Okay, I've caught my breath abit... I'll catch you fabulous ones in the A.M!


Nunnie's Attic said...

I have never heard of Caldrea. I wonder if it's only local to your area. Sounds great though. I love linen sprays. They just brighten up a room instantly!

Sorry you're like the proverbial chicken. Hopefully, things will settle down a little bit for ya!


Sandy said...

Hi Christine,
Oh, I'm gonna have to go and find that ~ it sounds like it would smell heavenly! Just found your blog and reading your profile - I thought OMGosh that could be me - I've been married 17 years and have 3 handsome boys myself ~ I also live in the south!
Have a fantastic day.

KARA said...

Great Post, I think the whole craft blog community is a bit like this at the mo, tis the season.
Love those bottles of lovelies, I can smell there fragrence from her lol.
Take care and hope you get a bit of a breath

cityfarmer said...

glad to see you caught your breath...guess we are on the same page....

nice chatting...let's do it again