Thursday, August 9, 2007

New piece new tools!

Well, howdy! Here is a new collage I am working on... I'm going to glue the old typewriter keys to it and I have some groovy peacock feather ribbon I will cover the staples with... lovely mini canvas.
My hubby went with me to The Glass Haus here in Greenbay today. This store is pretty much the only one in the area that carries decorative glass and supplies. This neat store is run by such a help full couple! Every time I go in there I am trying to gleen information from them, today was my hubbies turn. WOW! He was really getting into finding out the process of stained glass work.. the poor shop owner was running all over the store pulling things down from shelves..
As it progressed, my hubby was so excited for me that he got me a Morton glass shop! I can cut circles, any geometric shape! I'm soo excited!!!
The kindly gentleman wanted to make sure we knew how to use this awesome grinder he took us into his shop! This is a very neat tool, I will be able to make sure all edges are smooth and line up as well as make shapes! Wahoo!
And this I am especially excited to start using! A Weller with a smaller tip. The shop lady was so shocked I was using the Weller 100! "Girly, that is just too big and too heavy for the delicate work you are doing! use this... it's like drawing with a pencil!" Oh, I can't wait.
Well, I have to go and get things ready for my hubby's long over due birthday party we are having tomorrow... More about the par-tay later..


Cosmic said...

Well, it sounds like exiting day, yes I love that grinder also, they are such a help, say Happy Birthday to your hubby, you know from who.

Cosmic said...

When you have time check out Mosique par Ully

KeelyB said...

Oh my, I am SO JEALOUS! I wish we had a shop like that within 100 miles of where I live!!! Fabulous glass stuff!!! Im limited to what they have at the local Hobby Lobby (it gets me by, but soon Im going to need a new sponge for my grinder, and they dont carry those).

Be sure to post your lovely creations as soon as you get them done! Im excited to see what youre going to make with all of that neat stuff! Also, LOVE the collage.

katydiddy said...

Oh boy! New toys. You have a very supportive husband! Have fun.

bellacolle said...

Oh, cosmic, I will certainly tell him! ;)
keelyb, I will be getting to 'play' tomarrow! I will post as soon as I get done.
kattydiddy... he's the best in my eyes!...Thank you ladies! It always makes my day to hear from you guys!

Barbra said...

New toys are always fun. Happy Birthday to your honey.

KARA said...

ah sweetie how nice is it hubby is so interested. Wow they sound like amazing store owners, can't wait to hear how the new tools go.

mybabysfunkyjunk said...

congrats on the new toys!! I would LOVE a crown charm like the one in your blog!! What a nice hubby, I have one of those too! ;)