Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's that time again and other life lessons

Yes, it's that time again... I haven't done much these past three day just because all 3 have had their open houses at each one's prospective schools..#1 is going to be a freshman... talk about sink or swim! The poor freshman have no idea where to go OR what to expect the first day... I remember at least having homeroom first thing and then they tell go to this or that class...Here, #1's homeroom isn't listed till 3rd hour?? At the At the elementary school...#3's teacher up and transferred schools four day's ago.... So these little 3rd graders don't have a clue who to expect on the first day and Please don't get me started on the fact they wanted to have 'school pictures' taken last night as well.... for one hour..only 1 camera was working! I did make new friends though :)...I feel really bad for #3, his room wasn't 'beautified' like teachers have a knack for... very cold and drab! :( I'm just praying they find someone soon and 'the mystery teacher' as #3 calls her... and the class can meet before the first day.

#2's was tonight at the middle school... He's in 5th grade... big step I must say. No hand holding and Lot's more homework!! much to #2's chagrin.. But at least he was able to meet the teacher who seems very nice! AND he was able to open his locker in a snap by the time we left (first year for this)... gosh, I had trouble opening lockers till graduation! I hate lockers!

I just pray for ALL kids this year across the USA! Let there be NO!! Tragedies like there were the last school year... even at the college level! School should be a place of fun and learning and SAFETY!!!

Now to Mom's life lesson... Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support! I'm new to the whole artist/shop owner/business woman thing... I don't mean to be such a whiner...These two pictures are the charm in question that I got my first 'neutral' feedback on etsy! I put 100% into every charm, I can't guarantee that every charm will turn out the same... The 'quality' was called into question and the buyer said she was going to send it back. Well, come to find out that she left that feedback the 13th of the month.. I haven't heard one peep! I had NO idea! not until the other buyer left her positive feedback did I see it...
I said even in my listing that it is a chunky soldered charm... SOOO in my panic, I sent her a convo... an email AND I refunded her money... yes, hasty. I see that now, so, another life lesson! This is a very GOOD lesson now that I look back. How would I deal with a customer that complains about something WHEN I have my brick and mortar store?!! panic, start crying, turn out the lights and lock the doors forever? Nope... Thank you guys for listening to me as I go through growing pains in my first year of business..
...So, I'm back in the proverbial saddle! I'm working on a 'Chocolate Fairy' collage on canvas.... maybe even some more charms!! LOL! Thanks for sticking with me through this LOOONg winded post... Happy Wed. evening to everyone.



Barbra said...

We all have growing pains and hard issues. I had a $6 sale on Sunday. Went to the PO and the package cost me $5.67...add etsy's cut and listing fee & paypal's fee...the sale cost me $.45! Who knew that cotton yarn sent to wherever would cost so much? Well, I know now and have learned.
Glad to see someone else's work space is as messy as mine!

Ann Westby said...

Hallelujah! I am looking forward to some free time now that school is starting. My daughter started today, but my son won't start his (very limited - he's only 2) "school" until after Labor Day. Relief is in sight!

bellacolle said...

Messy?!!! LOL!! I call it creative clutter, thank you!!!!LOL.. I know, pricing... labeling... dealing with know, it's a heart break and exciting ALL at the same time! I wouldn't have it any other way.
AWW, Ann, hope your children have a GREAT year!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that you are looking forward to some free time, I really would not know what it means to send a child to school ( ohh, I so wonted to) the only thing I can say to that, children keep you young, (at least that's what the experts say) even with all the worries you are blessed to have your children with you. I do hope and pray with you that there will nothing happened to any school this year, and quit worrying about the work you do, it is lovely and it will work out. Hang in there :)

Brin said...

I feel for you, and echo your prayers! Hope your kids have a wonderful year!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh bella, I'm sorry that you are upset about your neutral feedback!
But hey, you look so cute in your studio at work!! I wish I were there to help cheer you up!!

My wee ones both enter preschool this year. It will be my first time having solo time. (For only 3 hours, 2 days a week.)But it'll be a big change for me.

KARA said...

oh christine what a ridiculous joke that charm is gorgeous, I know how you feel every so often a piece of jewellery gets wear and tear and I always feel ashamed even if its 6 months old.
you are a fab designer I think your stuff is amazing.
congrats to all 3 kiddies hope they settle in nicely and i second no tradgeys lets have a wonderfull year for all

ShabbyInTheCity said...

A chocolate fairy?!!!!! An image of me???? Wowweeee!!!

katydiddy said...

I'm so glad to hear the strength back in your voice! I don't know what the buyer was thinking-she's buying handmade-if she wants uniform (and boring) then she should buy manufactured goods. Your work is lovely & shows all the love you put into it.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I got my charm and it is perfect!!! My little boy said "Mama why do people pay thousands of dollars for diamonds when they could get one of these for $10?"
I know what he means...happiness does not have to cost a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the lessons of business... hey, that's a great book idea!

I can't believe it's school time already- where did the summer go? My little one starts his school next week... I wish there was more of summer left!

So, your fairy collage sounds WONDERFUL! I would love to see your progress...

Have a great weekend!