Monday, August 6, 2007

Aww shucks!

Thank you Kara of

for giving me this award. I really don't feel I deserve it, you really made my day! This award was started by Genevieve of as an award for friends who 'rock' and all around influence the world and make it a better place. Check out the lovely ladies blogs!

Well, I would like to pass the award along to some very sweet ladies!

Kara, going back to you!

Laura of always encouraging

Brin of always uplifting

Leirka of always inspiring

Monica of always insightful

Okay you guys can copy and paste the picture on your blogs! pass it along to other fabulous folks who deserve it... Nice DOES matter.

I would like to give everyone who visits an award!! I really do appreciate you stopping by!
My beautiful Bella Friends!!


katydiddy said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so honored! What a treat! Thanks girlfriend. I always read about getting tagged or nominated on other's people blogs & have secretly wished someone would tap me on the shoulder. Now here it is!

bellacolle said...

You are welcome! You deserve it, all the ladies do!