Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Night Lights!

Howdy everyone! Your week gone well? I hope so.... I want to start showcasing some of my fab blog buddies...and spectacular artists extraordinares. This post will actually be my 100th post! I can't believe I've kept it up this long.. Well, with out further ado...Tonight's spotlights are on my friend and artist Laura Bray of Katydiddys...! Wahoo! okay... please keep the applause to a minimum till we get done...
(Laura, please forgive me for misspelling your name! I'm so sorry your my guinea pig... I will get it right eventually...LOL!) ...This very talented artist creates some of the most fabulous vintage collages, watercolor paintings, cupcake toppers and more!
(Yes Laura, I raided your blog...its just that your blog is such a happy place and I wanted folks to see some of the neat artwork there..) Isn't this girl a cutey? Hey couldn't you see her on a card or magnet? Let your imagination go crazy and I know the talented Miss Laura can help you see it come to life.
Here is a cute paper doll set that Laura made for the up coming wedding for her brother! These are truly unique and special creations. Know anyone who is getting married? Cute idea! No?
Look at this little collage, isn't it so color full and fun? I hope you will go and visit the talented Mrs. Laura Bray over at katydiddys! I know you will be glad you did... To visit her blog, just click on the title to this post!


katydiddy said...

Wow! Are you too sweet or what? Thanks so much for putting me in the spotlight!

KeelyB said...

Her collages are SO neat! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

bellacolle said...

Fab katydiddy! oh yeah! :)

Joy for the Journey said...

Hello!! I am soooo glad you stopped by my blog because yours is instantly a favorite :) Your etsy shop is fabulous...but I love most your quote from the previous post about how God renovates. Just what I needed for today! Thanks!

KARA said...

fab post dear christine as always, laura's blog is always a treat what a great idea by you 10/10

have a great weekend

Barbra said...

Thanks for introducing me to Laura's shop. Wonderful items.

~love said...

thanks for to check her out! =)