Monday, August 6, 2007

The Creative life part 1

These are some pictures I took today on my trip to the post office. I drive by these things so often and don't even notice them.... but today I purposely took my camera with us. The above I call 'Greenbay Truck'.
I have read a really good book in the past that really inspired me. It's called "The Creative Life" by Alice Bass. I want to share some of the things she mentions in her book in this and up coming posts.
Here is another picture of the truck...simple black and white..but speaks to me of a more simpler time. All of these are original pictures that I took and then digitally altered (the funny color ones.)
Here are some passages from the book; ' The foundation for our creativity is our Creator. Because we are made in the image of God, our creativity and our faith are intertwined. To enjoy a creative life we need to be free to experience more of Christ's inspiration and less of our own inhibitions...'

...'He must love it when we experience the richness of His world, a world that will fade...'
...'Imagination is part of our nature: we solve problems, we relate to others, we come up with ideas, we make guesses,we are resourceful, we dream and fantasize...'
(Wisconsin Lawn Art)
'Stereotypes put pressure on us. They stop us from thinking and imagining the possibilities. By examining a snapshot of how you think you are supposed to be, you can break through the creative block...'

The last paragraph really hit home for me. I always have this idea of the 'artist' type! What is the artist stereotype in your mind? Someone who looks like a Hippie?... (no offense)... We aren't supposed to look a certain way, be a certain way... We are to be who God created us to be! His word tells us we are "Fearfully and wonderfully made.."
Well, #1 ,#3 and I had fun driving around and trying to see things alittle differently today...Thankfully mom wasn't run over by the crazy Wisconsin drivers!lol! (no offense) and putting our own little spin on things.
Hope you guys had a great weekend....
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KeelyB said...

Those photos are so neat! I love the truck ones...its so funny because I was driving home from the post office today thinking to myself, "I really need to take some pictures of Florence to share on my blog...theres a lot of neat stuff to see around here" We seem to be on the same "brain wave" lol! Ill take my camera next time!

Also, the book you quote sounds very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

This is the most wonderful post...both the words and the photos!
I love altering the color on pictures like this. I've seen several trucks around lately that look like 'Mater!

bellacolle said...

Oh yes ladies! look around and be inspired... 'Mater' never looked so good!lol! I love it!

Mélanie said...

I love the last photo !!!
Great blog . I will be back soon.

KARA said...

some lovely piccy's there, what great sites to drive past

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful words! How is it that a Georgia girl ends up all the way in Wisconsin? Beautiful photos...