Friday, August 3, 2007

Say it 'aint so!

Well, in our travels this week our family has noticed that it's almost that time of year again! It's only August people! say it 'aint so!
We also received the class schedules and teacher information for everyone. #3 has the teacher #2 had for third grade! We are soo happy about that. She is a very nice lady. #2 will be going to the middle school and be in fifth grade! I can't believe it... and get this #1 will be a freshman in high school! Where did the time go? I mean... it seems they were all just in first grade and I was homeschooling them... Oh well, it is fun to see what each new step they take in their lives.
On the lighter side, I thought I'd share some of #1's art work. Each one has actually made some clay items. All very good I must say...(Not that I'm bias or anything!lol)
Looks familiar? He was required in art class last year to make a copy of his house. This is actually made where you can put tea lights in the house and it looks like the lights are on inside.
Well, hope everyone has a great weekend!


bellacolle said...

Well, Back to School is here...

katydiddy said...

I just told my husband this morning that I can't believe how fast August is speeding by! We don't have school days here yet & some days I sure wish we did, but my baby is already growing up too fast, so I'm enjoying the ride while I can.