Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Valentine's Party hat part 1

Well...I'm trying to make my own party hat! Valentine's is coming up..it's my second favorite Holiday next to Christmas. It's not finished yet...so this is part one of this post.

This buttons will go on the front. It's been years since I've made some, it's fun folding and gluing! Reminds me of the paper fans I used to make in grade school. I tell ya! Children have the best imagination. My boys have come home with paper footballs..origami.

Speaking of paper, this is what I was telling you earlier about. Soldering paper! Yes, this is foam board that you might use for a school project or something. I made my design, glued her on there and some decorative paper on the back...

Taped the edges..now, this is really important, that when you cut your foam board that the edges are nice and smooth. The tape will pick up every bump and wrinkle.

I liberally applied Diamond Glaze to the paper! I think this is the key. This stuff is amazing and dries to a beautiful shine.

She is going to perch on top of my hat!

I don't think this turned out half bad for my first try. This is something neat and different than working with the glass, less expensive too! lol
Today is part of National Letter writing week. My friend Laura is having a blog party! You should go and check it out. http://katydiddys.blogspot.com/
This is a fun idea...I promise I didn't forget Laura! I'll post as soon as I can.

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Monica Yvette said...

Hi Christine,
Your blog just keeps getting prettier all the time. I love those heart charms. Did you put a lacquer over them? They look so shiny. I think I might give that a try:)