Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Hand written letter...

Hi! It's a letter writing party over at Laura's..http://katydiddys.blogspot.com/ This week is Universal letter writing week and Laura is hosting a party... It's a lost art and I thank Laura for reminding us. Laura by the way is soo good about sending a little note to brighten your day...

I'm very late to the party Laura, soo sorry! But I ditto every one's sentiments.. I was just raised you send a thank you some way some how.. I think I've lost my manners living here! =(
Fine paper and a fine writing utensil just put you in the mood! Most definatly let the person know you are interested about them and most of all..get to the point!

There is even an online site that allows you to make your own postage! I have seen that our Postal Service allows you to do this...but it was the slowest thing navigating the site.. sound familiar?LOL! I should hush, I was a sub mail carrier for a bit!
Yes, they are USPS approved.
(last two photos thanks to Cavallini & CO )


FarmHouse Style said...

What a wonderful idea, a letter writing party. I think what makes receiving a hand written letter so special is knowing someone took the time to do it. When I got married and moved away, my Mama and Grandmother would send me letters. I kept each one and today, I consider them priceless treasures.

Have fun at the party!

BTW I love your pretty Party Hats:)


BellaColle said...

Thank you Rhonda! Thank you for leaving your comment.

katydiddy said...

I've posted your link! Thanks for coming to the party.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Beautiful..the lost art of handwritten snail mail! We always have the best intentions..we are inspired now!!
We did the postage stamps awhile back- adorable, and the are larger, so the image is slightly bigger!

Have a wonderful day,
kari & kijsa

KaReN EiLeeN said...

Perfect!! I am so glad I found you through French garden house. I remember a few years back reading in Country Living that Hand-written letters and postcards would be considered the most collectible in the future. I am so happy to see that you are honoring this almost lost are.

Karen Eileen

Esther Sunday said...

My mother writes the most wonderful letters, to this day, although I talk to her on the phone frequently, I love to get a letter from her. Love, Esther